Old Pup – Screen Crawlers

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This composition distinguishes the incredible consistency of guitar riffs, in the melodies of which the huge poetic talent of the vocalist is revealed. The ballad, which raises the spirit and gives strength and will be for everyone a great musical accompaniment on his way. Surprisingly light and casual creation.”

“Данную композицию отличает невероятная созвучность гитарных риффов, в мелодии которых раскрывается огромный поэтический талант вокалиста. Баллада, которая поднимает дух и придаёт сил и будет для каждого отличным музыкальным сопровождением на его пути. Удивительно лёгкое и непринужденное творение.”


"Screen Crawlers" is the first song off of Old Pup's forthcoming record, Incognito Lounge, which releases April 22 via Hear Here Records. The song is a paradox. The lyrics are sparse and touch on the disillusioned reality that technology--especially social media--has had on humanity and its ability to be present and self-aware. The instrumentation is upbeat and positive, with a catchy harmonica run and mostly major chords. Towards the end, the two competing moods merge and form the eerie outro.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 12, 2022