Gaby Lagarda x Ali Stone – Queendom

“Expect the unexpected from the fresh release of “Gaby Lagarda & Ali Stone”. A fully energetic and 100% female production in the Electro Pop scene, which cleverly alternates lyrics in English and Spanish too. Clear message of women dynamism, presented through a thematic clip that burns like fire. Congratulations for the artists.”

100% created by women, “Queendom” is a fierce female empowerment anthem written by Ali Stone and Gaby Lagarda, produced and mixed by Ali, mastered by Jett Galindo. The music video that will be released along with the song was also created by a female team and this has all be made during Women’s History Month and will be released on the last day of this celebratory month. Sang in both English and Spanish, the song reaches out to wider audiences to make the strong message heard. The music is a base of Latin rhythms that make you want to dance, a contemporary electronic element and a little bit of Colombian sounds which is Ali’s native country.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 12, 2022