SōMuch – Studio 54 (Spotify)

“Who let that funk in? We did and with open arms. Uplifting groove from a way back era that will never cease to be relevant. If this does not uplift your mood you are slim on options. The quality production is on point, never skipping a beat. ”


Studio 54 pays homage to the days of disco and dancing with a free spirit, under the silver light of a glitter ball.


SōMuch is an Italian retro nūvō band of 5 members, based in Bolzano, northern Italy.
SōMuch was born in 2020 just before the pandemic, with the support of Ralph Rolle, drummer for Nile Rodgers and Chic.
After many years of playing together as a cover band (disco music took over in the band’s repertoire and the influence of the 70s and the 80s became the true guide and direction of the band's sound), the need arose to write their own songs that could have a retro flavor but with a new sound.

How did they meet Ralph Rolle?

November 2017 Roby (vocals) – scrolling through her Instagram feed – came across an advertisement: Ralph Rolle, the drummer for Nile Rodgers and Chic, was giving one-to-one classes in England. Roby decided to get a special Christmas gift for Francesco (drummer).
On the 7th of December 2017, Roby and Francesco flew to Manchester, England. They met Ralph and became friends.
October 19, 2019, magic happens. Roby and be Francesco asked Ralph to listen to a demo of a song written by Andrea G. called, "You gave me love". Ralph was literally thrilled by what he heard and asked if he could produce the song. He offered to fly to Italy to produce the track!
The production of the first two tracks, under Ralph Rolle’s guidance began January 2020. After the completion of production of those tracks, the global pandemic broke out and the realization of the album suffered a 20 month setback.
But the pandemic proved to be a musical positive for SōMuch. Great songs were written during the time at home and Ralph returned to Italy once travel was allowed and produced another three tracks for the band. The first track to be released is Studio 54, a dance floor filler that brings listeners back to the iconic New York nightclub. Studio 54 is now available on all streaming platforms.
You will be given the chance to hear more of the music of SōMuch very soon in an E.P. and you will find music that was born, made and produced from the hearts and souls of a group that believes that spreading love and happiness to the world is an absolute must.

What’s next?
The first EP of SōMuch and more new songs to be recorded and hopefully lots of live music.

Members of the band:
Valentina Salvi - vocals
Andrea Giovannini - guitar
Francesco Carli - drums
Roby Creazzo - vocals
Andrea Belloni - bass

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 18, 2021