Son Lux — “A Different Kind of Love” (Official Visualizer) (Video)

“”A Different Kind of Love” by Son Lux steps into diversity with not afraid to improvise into new sound design styles, out of the basic vocal trends. Deep heartwarming vocals with a deep artistic sound design which pushes out your hidden emotions and satisfy your listening needs. High quality here! ”

Much has been said about the scope and intent of Son Lux’s multi-album Tomorrows project. Born of an active, intentional approach to shaping sound, the music reminds us of the necessity of questioning assumptions, and of sitting with the tension.

Today they announce the arrival of Tomorrows III, set for an April 16th release via City Slang. Bell tolls of a detuned guitar clang out a warning at the start of “A Different Kind of Love”, the new single out today. Thick punches of percussion enter and the song moves in heaves through a foggy atmosphere of sound. Instruments remain mostly out of focus, but in brief moments, flurries of strings and woodwinds emerge and recede from the fog.

The music encompassed on Tomorrows provides an appropriate parallel for the sustained cacophony of the present moment, advancing a friction that reveals the strange in the familiar and the familiar in the strange. The deluxe physical edition of the Tomorrows series will be released July 30th on City Slang.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 3, 2021