STEREOV – Birds in Rain (Video)

“Breaking beat, pulsating bass and unexpected flow in a track that strikes like thunder, disturbing every lazy mind. Glitch style, full of creativity and unique energy as “STEREOV” knows. Presented with a highly artistic clip which you should watch too!”

Artist said about this song:

“I wrote my first songs in FL Studio but switched to Ableton Live a long time ago. To bring a slightly different sound to the album, I wanted to work with FL again. The different workflow always results in a different sound for me and I inevitably use different tricks.

I based the style of “Birds in Rain” on my older song “We”, maybe with a bit more glitch. But this time with a rap part of the vocoder voice. I already had the melody from the intro in my head before I started writing the song.

I wanted to avoid a long intro and wanted an unexpected hard drop at the beginning. Then the vocals start right away. The lyrics are about a very strong character fighting against others and himself. The charcter is at a difficult point in its life. To get on, the character has to suffer. She feels like a bird in the rain. There is no way out but to fly into the protective burrow despite the hammering beats of the raindrops. It has no other option.

The verses are basically just some drums and the voice layered with the bass. Again a little unexpectedly then comes the main melody. To make it even more unexpected, I even changed the key from E minor to A minor. After a short bridge the voice comes again with a chord change. That was based on the lyrics – there the song goes into a more hopeful direction. After the second verse there is another short bridge and we come back to the main melody. Afterwards I teased a ska part, but then come to pure glitch at the end.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 4, 2022