SVNF8 – Fall Free (Spotify)

“Extra deep and strong Techno single from "SVNF8". Pure power compressed in five minutes, which can change the way you think about music. Warning; this is not for all listeners!”

Up and coming talent SVNF8 is here with his new EP ‘Fall Free’, and he is on a mission to change the way people perceive Electronic music. The enigmatic Producer and DJ made his first appearance in 2019, as he introduced us to his work through his track ‘Facing Reality’ on Mau5trap's ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 9' compilation. He has since been working with the Mau5trap label founded by ground-breaking Electronic music producer deadmau5, a renowned bastion for trailblazing and genre-defying artists. SVNF8 proves to be in good hands considering Mau5trap has curated success for huge names in the industry which includes Skrillex, Zedd, Noisia, Chris Lake, and Madeon.

SVNF8’s latest release is a powerful culmination of dark, forceful Techno combined with complex electro sounds that make up the 4-track EP, which will definitely have Techno fans rejoicing. The second tune is called ‘Sayin Nothin’, which starts off with an entrancing lead that develops into an intense drop where the main body of the song kicks out into an explosion of blood-pumping bass which kicks off the tune as choppy percussion fills the gaps. Just when you thought ‘Sayin Nothin’ had delivered its full potential, a vocal break resets the pace, making room for another spinetingling build-up and vigorous drop that delivers pure techno brilliance. The third tune on the EP is titled ‘Sector K’, where SVNF8 manages to ramp up the pace with thumping snares and a driving bass, overall emanating a more manic feel to it.

The star of the EP, and 1st track,  called ‘Fall Free’. It takes a slightly slower but deeper approach, which sends all of your senses into a frenzy and in turn hypnotizes you in the best way possible, leaving you totally consumed in the wildness of the music. Easing us into a solid beat with abstract synth work paired with vocal sounds, the song then erupts into a deep and dark frenzy of driving bass that instantly ramps up the pace, demonstrating that he definitely means business. The track then drops out into an aggressive bassline that proves to be infectious, accompanied by a string of industrialized sounds that layer another symphony of Techno excellence as SVNF8 once again shows off his incredible talents.

Last but not least, SVNF8 ensures the EP goes out with a bang as it finishes with ‘Won’t Go’. This speaker-splitting track features a dark, punching bassline that proves irresistible to move to as it transcends into an insatiable, hard-hitting groove that leaves you wanting to press replay as soon as it finishes. With an inimitable knack for music production, we can’t wait to see the huge impact SVNF8 has on the Techno scene, so be sure to mark your calendars in time for his next release.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 16, 2021