The Alphabet Zero – I’ll Feel Better (Spotify)

“An atmospheric chilwave composition by The -Alphabet Zero- which surely will make you feel better through its lush harmonies.”

“Атмосферная и солнечная композиция заставит вас чувствовать себя лучше вместе с новым синглом The Alphabet Zero.”

The Alphabet Zero is a popwave act from Nashville, TN. Comprised of primary artist Andy Walker, the group is bolstered by Brad Beal, who performs vocals and live drums, and Kellie Besch, a vocalist and solo artist who also contributes live keys to the group.

In addition to hook-heavy tracks like “Tonight,” Walker creates powerful ambient and cinematic works under The Alphabet Zero name, most recently on the Foyer motion picture soundtrack in collaboration with Makeup and Vanity Set. When Walker and company turn their attention to pop music, the trio’s ability to craft subtle pieces shaded with complex, real-world lyrics and emotion puts them in an exclusive group of up-and-coming creators. ~Iron Skullet

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 14, 2020