The Aquaerials – Frost

“Cinematographic music with elements of the gloomy and rainy Post Rock, which incites fire inside you. Emotions and atmosphere are very well conveyed something distant, but so close to your heart. The melody of the soul, the melody of life, the melody of sincere experiences.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Кинематографическая музыка с элементами мрачного и дождливого Post Rock, который разжигает внутри вас огонь. Очень хорошо переданы эмоции и атмосфера нечто далёкого, но такого близкого вашему сердцу. Мелодия души, мелодия жизни, мелодия искренних переживаний.”

Frost' is a cinematic piece incorporating elements of Orchestral, Ambient and Post-Rock music, creating a moody atmosphere that underscores a desperate, despondent piano melody. Heavy on texture, it evokes a blustery day in the dead of winter.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 12, 2022