The Bootleggers Music Group x Paul E Jones – You Make Me

“Masterful performance of acoustic guitar, violin and vocals from "Paul E Jones". Classic Country music in combination with lyrics that enhance life. Sound which immediately changes your mood, enhancing the sharpness of perception!”

“Виртуозное владение акустической гитарой, скрипкой и вокальными данными -Paul E Jones-. Классический кантри, которая сочетаясь с жизнеутверждающим текстом, мгновенно овладевает вашим настроением, усиливая остроту восприятия!”

In 2020 Founding Member, Paul Jones found himself and his business deemed "Non Essential". Within a few weeks of the shut down Paul and his daughter lost 97% of the business they built together over 18 Years. After 15 months of severe depression, anger, Paul Asked GOD what he wanted him to do. The next day Paul was visited by his friend of 20 years, Wayne Maxwell who stated he wanted to "start playing and Writing Music for the LORD" that would help people COME TOGETHER on many levels. Wayne went on to say "I have no clue how to write music, That's a gift GOD gave to you Paul" BAM! Paul's prayer had been answered clearly and the tracks started flowing. Paul, Wayne, Ulrich took dictation for over 90 Songs, lyrics and melodies in 8 months.... The first project of 7 tracks, which will be released soon is completed and NOW you may find them playing in a club, a private party, or even a parking garage.... YES a Parking garage.... The concept is easy and simple...Play MUSIC and people will COME TOGETHER...

With a full 3200 SQ FT Studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio we will help other artist produce music at no cost to them at all. We feature the music on our own radio station as well...

The Bootleggers Music Group is no one person, we are a collection of people who LOVE GOD and show it through Music. "One Tune at a Time"

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 11, 2022