The Eska – Long Way

““I don’t wanna sound mainstream” is the outright statement with which this track kicks in and its main hook - and indeed there’s a fresh feel about it while at the same time it keeps lots of those good ingredients you’d come to expect from a solid hip-hop production of these days. The Eska seems to be an artist whose promise to catch that “big wind”will come true.”

The song kicks off with a cinematic introduction, which has a bit of a dark mood to it, but it is far from being gloomy. On the contrary, it has a mysterious weight to it, which serves as a perfect way to launch the song. Soon after, a spoken word segment chimes in, highlighting the artist’s willingness to communicate a stronger message with his lyrics from the get-go. At about 23 seconds in, the main beat blasts in, adding a massive dose of low-end and energy to the mix, but without missing out on the atmospheric sounds that made the beginning so special.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 14, 2022