Ingvild Koksvik – Hver vår vei

“A beautifully written, guitar-based piece from the Norwegian artist that enwraps the listener in a soothing and caressing sound, with perfectly suiting vocals telling a story of the power to go on. While you may not speak Norwegian, however, you will probably still connect with the song and find it relatable due to its honest transmission and great arrangement.”

Acclaimed Norwegian artist Ingvild Koksvik releases her first single in a while, as a long-awaited sneak peek on what to expect from her new solo album due in September: “Hver vår vei” is as much about the return of daylight after dark winters in the Nordics, as it is about leaving a relationship behind and going in two separate directions. With a warm and soothing sound, led by Ingvild Koksvik’s crystal clear voice, the song invites listeners to reflect and attain new hope.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 14, 2022