The Islays – I Can’t Breathe (Spotify)

“The Islays got inspired from the recent events in USA, beautiful lush guitars which set you quick in a groove under passionate rock performance and the right vocal lead where share their thoughts for injustice.”

The lockdown meant endless hours at home, igniting creativity, ideas and inspiration. That was the time when two friends and music buddies for years, Billy and Nektarios, took the opportunity to translate the chaos into words and sounds, giving birth to their own... e-band!

And there you have it! Coming together from the misty island of UK and the sunny island of Rhodes (Islands, Isle, Isle of Islay... The Islays!) they share the proud tradition of islanders all around the world! The Islays is a new and exciting project dedicated to create, record and share the most original tunes!

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 19, 2020