The Speaker Wars Featuring Stan Lynch – Never Ready To Go

“A serious production is out from "The Speaker Wars" and no fan of Rock should miss it. Wild riffs of electric guitar and explosive drums are carefully mixed with vocals of passion. We also felt a nostalgic touch in this sound and highly recommend listening on repeat.”

The Speaker Wars are an Americana-Rock band formed by Stan Lynch (founding member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and Texas singer-songwriter, Jon Christopher Davis (aka JCD).

"When JCD brought the song in, we knew we'd have to cut it live off the floor, old school. He called Andy and we went at it. Andy is a jewel. Has the gift of knowing exactly what to play and loves to drill straight down to the groove. That was the first time I'd been behind a kit since cutting with the Heartbreakers. Took me a day to find my legs. We all knew this could be something special. It's only gonna get better" - Stan Lynch

JCD muses: “My high school sweetheart, and partner of 36 years, is the inspiration behind the song. Anytime I’m with her, I'm never ready to go. I played a Gibson Les Paul, Fender P bass, and cut the lead vocal on a Shure 57. Andy's playing lead on his vintage Epiphone, Jay Brown brought it home on the B3 and Wurlitzer. After a couple of takes, we had it. Fresh yet vintage. I grew up on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, so seeing Stan behind the drums was cool. He hits like no other and plays on the back of the beat –– which I love. It’s greasy."

The catchy guitar riff, skillful drumming from Stan, and deep vocals from JCD, create an itch in your head that can only be scratched by playing the song over and over again. The dynamic lyricism and musicality are what’s going to prove once again that rock never dies.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 26, 2022