Tomas Raae – Montségur (Spotify)

“Live, wind instruments always affect a person in a special way. The atmospheric Montségur track intoxicating melody sounds DUDUK like smoldering candle flame in the night. Tomas Raae plunges into suspended animation, music that will hypnotize you.”

“Живые, духовые инструменты всегда воздействуют на человека особым способом. В атмосферном треке Montségur звучит опьяняющая мелодия дудука, словно тлеющее пламя свечи в ночи. Tomas Raae погружает в анабиоз и мы не гарантируем, что у вас получится очнуться.”

Dark night. Just before dawn. It blows. One looks out towards the horizon but cannot see. One can hope. One can pray. One can not know. The music is also a thought from a dark night in a dark story from a mountain in the south of France.

With The Dim The Darkness Came is an ambient and cinematic album that explores silence, contemplation in the moment, spirituality, history, thoughts and visions. The aim is to create an interreligious sound universe that, through the music archives of history, creates a current sound image that invites open questions; to reflect on what gives meaning, faith and hope, and what people have previously believed in and been willing to fight for

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 7, 2021