Creative head Tosz presents his new track „Coração“. The moody music video is produced in the favelas of South America. The chilling vocals are coming from Tosz himself and the angelic female voice of Salacia. A wonderful chill house, lush in harmonies, with warm atmosphere and beautiful groove.

You can check TOSZ personal Thoughts on „Coração“ here :

Few words about TOSZ:
Polish Born and Frankfurt based TOSZ, the name is derived from his original Name “Tomasz”, describes his style as „Deep, Progressive, Melodic-House” and every now and then he also explores the world of Downtempo and Electronica, influenced by the likes of Moby, Elderbrook, Christian Löffler, Crooked Colours and Monolink. Besides the danceable tempo and a moving groove it is mainly the spacy and atmospheric pads and his crucial vocals that carry TOSZ`s tracks and add this certain Soul to it.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
August 4, 2020

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