Two Truths – Chasing

“This song is similar to a desperate shout cry, which like the rays of the sun makes himself to the listener through the created images. Melody FOLK ROCK incredible beauty, singing acoustic guitar and a huge variety of tool filling. Frank vocals and philosophical text will help you think about important things. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта песня похожа на отчаянный крик души, который словно лучи солнца пробивается к слушателю через созданные образы. Мелодия Folk Rock невероятной красоты, пение акустической гитары и огромное разнообразие инструментальной начинки. Откровенный вокал и философский текст помогут задуматься о важных вещах.”

“Chasing” casts a dreamy hue with guitar droning out downcast chords shrouded in icy synth tones. Lyrically the song explores life in an always-on society: “Try hard to understand but got no time to waste. Devil on my heels, quicken the pace. Always chasing another end. Never stop, never begin.” The band had been stuck inside during the frozen Rochester winter and decided to go on a late-night stroll. Walking through the windy streets and snowfall they found themselves lying down, looking at the stars and taking in the still night. They wrote the song immediately upon arriving back home.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 21, 2022