v e n n, Andy Feldman – over (prelude)

v e n n, Andy Feldman – over (prelude) (Spotify)

Over (prelude), is an ambient soundscape featuring an emotive piano melody. This track is a reflection on how all things eventually come to an end. Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy. Andy is a pianist/multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey that focuses on the modern piano, relaxing piano, and jazz piano. In addition to currently playing and gigging with the Asbury Park based jam band, Secret Sound, he writes and records music varying from cinematic instrumental music, to piano improvisations and indie pop/rock. With his bands, he has opened for acts such as Umphrey's McGee, Rusted Root, and Dark Star Orchestra and continues to build a following through their energetic, live performances.
His piano music often focuses on the past, or the future - the sort of longing feeling you get when searching for something more, or quietly remembering a past event. Ear To The Ground had this to say about Andy's latest release: "It’s got a dash of jazz, a pinch of the blues, and a serenity that I find hard to find in music these days. There’s a real subtlety in the way the chords roll together. If there was such a thing as an Americana and neoclassical mashup, that’s Andy Feldman’s writing."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 27, 2020

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