Xavier White – Holiday ft. DR (Video)

“This song carries an absolutely unique energy, fills thoughts with positive and the desire to love, live and enjoy. These are the emotions that music should bring. And nothing else! A very sincere presentation of the material, you can hear how the author has an insistent desire to convey his feelings to the audience.”

“Эта песня несёт абсолютно уникальную энергетику, наполняет мысли позитивом и желанием любить, жить и наслаждаться. Именно такие эмоции должна приносить музыка. И никак иначе! Очень искренняя подача материала, слышно, как у автора есть настойчивое желание донести до слушателей свои чувства.”



Currently based in New York City, Xavier White is trailblazing through the traditional R&B scenery with his eclectic sounds and narratives. In 2016, Xavier released his debut EP, Cancer vs. Gemini, which garnered him attention from publications such as Earmilk and Spotify editiorial playlist support. In 2019, after a slew of hot singles, Xavier dropped his highly anticipated 2nd EP titled “Love Questions” which received editorial support from all major DSP’s. Off the EP, “Love Questions” and “Distance” proved to be fan favorites with well produced visuals to go along with the songs.


Dave Reit, better known as his music personality “DR”, is on a mission to create music that inspires positive feelings for others. DR was raised by a musically inclined family in The Bronx, New York. This foundation of music lead to DR having an incredible understanding of melodic structure and originality. His baseline level of musicality and melodic intuition, combined with his current raw almost hip-hop style singing and rapping, creates an amalgamation of sounds that is completely unique to him. Throughout his career, DR has opened for the likes of Wiz Khalifa,The Lox, and Mac Miller. He has collaborations on deck with Hot 97 who’s next winner, B Martin, established rapper and Producer: Bingx, who has over 10 million streams as well as Fred the Godson. DR‘s next release is in collaboration with a hip hop underground staple: Futuristic, who has over 200 million streams. In addition to his own music project, DR is acting as executive producer for B Martin and Xavier White – The team of 3 have multiple singles releasing monthly from now until the middle of 2022.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 16, 2021