Yana Couto – Bridges

“The piano melody builds invisible bridges between the heart -yana couto and our lonely souls. Her fingers slide along the keys and draw in the air with the help of charming sounds a road that will certainly lead you to each other. Music in which two worlds are in contact.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Фортепианная мелодия возводит невидимые мосты между сердцем -Yana Couto- и нашими одинокими душами. Её пальцы скользят по клавишам и рисуют в воздухе с помощью очаровательных звуков дорогу, которая непременно приведёт вас друг к другу. Музыка, в которой соприкасаются два мира.”


Bridges was recorded in a home studio on a piano that accompanied the artist from age six. The piece was created from a reflection on creating bonds, human fluidity and embracing life. Bridges is featured on the artist's new album "The Great Hope", which is an homage to perseverance, a love letter to human nature, and a hopeful look at the world, hoping the world smiles back.


Reviewed by Nagamag on July 22, 2022