Yann Loisel – Down By The River

“A dubbed-out creation for all the nations. Solid horn section always lights up the tune, especially of the rest if put together as well as this one. Its chill and embraces the message with grace. Can be played in any landscape to make one feel that warm tropical breeze of freedom. ”



Down By The River is the first release from Yann Loisel’s Debut LP. Recorded in Berlin and France, the project is the result of a collaboration with renown artists from the German and French Reggae scene. Produced by Alex Brechow (La Gorda Dubs, iLLBiLLY HiTEC), the project features members of The Evolution Band (Gentleman), Sebastian Sturm as well as Tribuman among others.

Based on a slow and powerful Roots Reggae groove, Down By The River invites its audience to a first journey into Yann Loisel’s World. Using a deep Nyabinghi vibe as well as Dub elements, this meditative and melancholy song carries a message of hope in troublesome times through its deep and personal lyrics.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 6, 2022