Zizzo World, KNVWN – Cupid Darts (Spotify)

Making a huge splash into the summer season for 2020 – Zizzo World has linked up with KNVWN for a celebratory single release that is firing up the hype charts around the world and catching attention from thousands of impressed listeners. We’re all very much in need of larger than life and uplifting dancefloor anthems this year and this tag-team collaboration is hitting all of the right frequencies to bring a ray of sunshine to our ears.

‘Cupid Darts’ wastes no time in letting off KNVWN’s epic vocal tones over a sultry blend of melodic layers and a throwback Progressive House lead/bass combo that oozes with summertime joy and euphoria. Zizzo World also throws down a classy arrangement of properly blissful piano chords that have us dreaming of long summer nights on the beach and just as you think your melodic senses are at a climax – KNVWN delivers an earth-shattering performance of gorgeous lead lyrics that leave hairs sticking out on the back of your neck. Every phrase hits perfectly over the carefully constructed House beat and there’s a clear vibe in the air that evokes a contrasting mix of uplifting energy and reflective emotion in a way that only the very best artists can enable. Every layer of melody, bass and vocal is purposeful and there for a reason on ‘Cupid Darts’ – delivering with power the gold standard of a rich record in that everything has a place and everything is perfectly in that place.

Absolutely perfect for both club and radio formats – ‘Cupid Darts’ nails the job of ticking boxes across the board and with the pre-release hype already swelling, this looks like one of those records that we might just remember as the soundtrack to summer 2020.

Zizzo World has shown us with no question that he’s got a serious arsenal of production skills and creativity available and when this kind of mind connects with the level of vocal work that KNVWN is capable of – you know that magic is a guaranteed result.

‘Cupid Darts’ is out now on an independent release and is available on all good digital music platforms. Early signs signal success for the release on the back of an official Spotify playlist add and international iTunes Dance Chart placements.


Reviewed by Nagamag on July 24, 2020

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