Dax – Why So Serious? (Video)

“The bright and energetic track in the best traditions of the genre. With expressive themes in the lyrics, heartfelt vocals and a memorable melody. You will certainly penetrate with high-quality sound, believe it is worth listening.”

“Яркий и энергичный трек, в лучших традициях жанра с выразительной тематикой в текстах, проникновенным речитативом и запоминающейся мелодией. Вы непременно проникнетесь качественным звучанием, поверьте, оно стоит того.”



Dede K, King Plu – Tonight (Spotify)

“Beats and work with samples are beyond praise, the texts contain everyday philosophical reflections, but their presentation is short, and most importantly - correct in meaning. Professionalism in writing lyrics is felt even by an inexperienced ear.”

“Биты и работа с сэмплами выше всяких похвал, в текстах прослеживаются обыденные философские размышления, но их подача краткая, а главное – правильная по смыслу. Профессионализм в написании лирики чувствуется даже неопытным слухом.”


Dede K (New York based afrobeat KING). De King Vibez is a talented afropop indie musician with so many great songs on different platforms.


JBlade, KXNG Crooked, Constantine – Breathe (Spotify)

“Three artists join up for this excellent single. They go one step beyond the basics of Hip-Hip by adding some chilling loops in their dynamic lyrics! The result is a contrast, which keeps the balance between words of power and soft synth waves.”


Breathe is a track about success and the struggle to get there. These three provide a talented roster with smooth vocals with a commercial sound. A great track to vibe to and perfect for a chill style playlist.


Born in Port Huron, MI out here trying to make a name for myself. Have two lil girls that mean the world to me and are daddys biggest fans. I also, do a lot of charity work and stay active in my community working with kids to keep them off the streets.


Dax – “BEATBOX” Freestyle [One Take Video] (Video)

“It is interesting to observe how -Dax- in his song -“BEATBOX” Freestyle- recreates the whole mirror from a huge amount of emotional debris. Enormous work done, so that the track forms a single story in which the nuclear rhythm of hip-hop and its crazy recitative attract your attention like a magnet.”

“Интересно наблюдать, как -Dax- в своей песне -“BEATBOX” Freestyle- из огромного количества эмоциональных осколков собирает целое зеркало. Работа проделана колоссальная, трек образует единую историю, в которой ядерная ритмика hip-hop и сумасшедший речитатив притягивают к своему вниманию словно магнитом. ”


Beatbox REMIX for THE Challenge that everyone’s been doing. Full of cool wordplay.


Sergio T feat. Steven Aderinto – On My Mind – Lyric Video (Video)

“This time Sergio T joins forces with Steven Aderito for another success. If you are an afrobeats/afro pop fun you must include this track in your favourites list. It can rise up the mood from the first seconds, while progressing gradually with a gentle flow of travelling sensation. Listen once and there’s no doubt that it will keep playing in your mind!”


Sergio T (Sergio Tanidis) was born and raised in Katerini Pierias (Greece). Since he was young, he showed his love for music and started guitar lessons. At the age of 15 he composed his first own music and by 18 he signed his first contract with My Group, one of the biggest record labels in Greece. In the summer of 2014 he made his first big hit with the all famous single “Don’t Go” ( goo.gl/zxJphK ) with countless airplays in greek radio stations. At 2015 My Group also released another single, “Fighting 4 Love” ( goo.gl/IEShmD ) – making its way to the top from the first month of release! His last hit with many airplays in Greece (No. 33 Shazam) and foreign countries (No 28 shazam in Turkey) is “Secret” ( goo.gl/zRCJ2o ). Sergio T retains an unbreakable relationship with djing. He is resident dj at many clubs and bars at Thessaloniki, as well as many other cities in Greece (Rhodos, Serres, Katerini etc). In this page, you will find all the latest news from Sergio T!


Baby Milo – Thug Love ft. Mexcco (Prod. By Safin) (Video)

“Baby Milo in his new song obviously cared on the quaility delivered. Offering here strong beats, beautiful atmosphere, lush vocal recordings, blended together in a top notch quality delivering his message through the right sound! Music becomes stronger when it sounds right!”


Baby Milo tells listeners a ghetto love story about an innocent girl and a drug dealer in the inner city of Los Angeles. How far is she really willing to go for his love when her own life is on the line.


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