Dax – Dear Alcohol

“”Dax” wrote a strong, melodramatic track in which every sound and every word expresses all the natural and sincere pain of the artist. Melancholic, but very beautiful and lyrical Cloud Hop.”

“-Dax- написал сильный, мелодраматический трек, в котором каждая буква, каждое слово и каждая новая строка выражают всю естественную и искреннюю боль автора. Меланхоличный, но очень красивый и лирический cloud hop.”


Deep emotional song about the struggles with alcohol and addiction.


Denyiz – You Are Ideal (Spotify)

“How few words are needed to convey to your beloved that she is perfect. -Denyiz- did an excellent job of capturing the track's main message with impressive bass and rhythmic patterns. A loud statement that won't leave anyone indifferent!”

“Как мало надо слов, чтобы передать своей возлюбленной, что она — идеальна. У -Denyiz- отлично получилось передать главный посыл трека с помощью впечатляющей работы с басом и ритм-секцией. Громкая заявка о себе, которая не оставит никого равнодушным!”



Fada Hibachi – Tomorrow (Spotify)

“We should recognize that -Fada Hibachi- created a truly explosive track, in which he put his heart, experience and love for music. Melodic hip-hop promising your listening pleasure.”

“Стоит признать, что -Fada Hibachi- держит марку и сотворил по-настоящему взрывоопасный трек, в который он вложил своё сердце, опыт и любовь к музыке. Мелодичный hip-hop, слушать который одно удовольствие!”



"Tomorrow" sees Fada Hibachi's mix of rap and melody blended with pop instrumentals. Contrary to the title of the song, the theme is one of having fun in the now rather than waiting....seems pretty apt for the times we're living in now no?

Kange – Saudade (Spotify)

“"Saudade" turned out to be an unexpected, rhythmic and very melodic song. There is a peculiar kind of magic here, hidden somewhere between the piano notes and the variety of vocals. Something causing a huge energy flow into each single cell of your body.”

“У -Kange- получилась неожиданная, ритмичная и очень мелодичная песня. Есть своеобразная магия в этом треке, что-то спрятанное где-то между нотами пиано и разнообразием вокальнойых линий. То, что вызывает огромный приток энергии, которая просачивается во все клетки вашего тела.”


A sad fairytale of a young girl with love absent from her life. Her life is not a blessing and in death she finds freedom.


$cholah – 2AM in Montreal (Spotify)

“Do you feel absorbed by your everyday routine? Even tired to look for some nice music? This new and influencial Afro-Pop production could be the best solution to your problems. Just let "$cholah" take control for the next few minutes, listen and you won't regret!”



Alex Russell – Hermosa (Spotify)

“The main advantage of this track is its energetic vocals. While being at the same time gentle and melodic, fierce and kind. All this, is completed with a dynamic arrangement and beautiful melody. -Alex russell- knows how to affect his listeners and make them dance!”

“Визитная карточка этого трека - это энергичный вокал исполнителя. Он одновременно нежный и мелодичный, яростный и добрый. И всё это в совокупности с динамичной аранжировкой и красивой мелодией. -Alex Russell- знает, как раскачать своих слушателей и заставить их танцевать!”


Artist shared with Nagamag few words behind this song inspiration:

"I wrote this about my girlfriend at the time, when we first met. I liked her a lot really early on, but I knew it wasn't a situation to jump into a relationship. There was a lot of jealousy and shady actions from the both of us. This song displays the toxicity but love we shared. I wanted the instrumental to be up beat and have a dancehall style to it. When the producer sent my the finished product I knew it was going to be a hit."


Imogen, Sha – Alla Dat (Spotify)

“Excellent vocal performance, very strong and charismatic artists. Also reflective rhythm section and saturated atmosphere. An excellent example of a commercial track, designed for a wide audience.”

“Прекрасная вокальная манера исполнения, очень сильная и построеная на харизме исполнителей. Отчётливая ритм-секция и насыщенная по звуку атмосфера. Отличный пример коммерческого трека, который рассчитан на широкую аудиторию.”


"Alla Dat" is a fun, energetic, hot-girl-summer anthem. This song is all about getting everything you want out of life and living fabulously. Written by Imogen and Shawn Tyler and featuring a hard-hitting verse from rapper Sha, "Alla Dat" inspires listeners to be confident and have fun no matter who is watching.


Dax – Suffocating (Video)

“Cozy and very romantic track which can cause something pleasant in your chest after listening. We are sure that this is exactly what -dax- works on. Melodic Hip-Hop filled with an emotional component.”

“Уютный и очень романтичный трек от которого у вас защемит что-то в груди после прослушивания. Уверены, что именно этого и добивался -Dax- работая над ним. Мелодичный Hip-Hop с наполненной до краёв эмоциональной составляющей.”



Dax – 40 Days 40 Nights (Feat. Nasty C) [Official Music Video] (Video)

“”40 Days 40 Nights” is your fresh Hip-Hop tune for an advanced sound experience. Packed with wicked vocals that stimulate the mind and keep us interested with its flow. Just choose “Dax” to escape from your routine day.”


2nd Single off 1st album that will be dropping soon with the South African Artist Nasty C


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