Mike Rathke – Esau

“The charming melody of Indie Folk, which carries a certain uniqueness, special mental flight and unsurpassed energy. -Mike Rathke- literally urges to plunge into the atmosphere of his track, feel warm rhythm, unobtrusion and plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of musical aesthetics. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очаровательная мелодия Indie Folk, которая несёт в себе определённую уникальность, особый душевный полёт и непревзойденную энергетику. -Mike Rathke- буквально призывает окунуться в атмосферу его трека, почувствовать тёплый ритм, ненавязчивость и окунуться в сказочную атмосферу музыкальной эстетики.”


Esau is contemplative song in the vein of William Fitzsimmons, Iron & Wine, and other modern folk artists. Lyrically, the song is an admission of guilt from the protagonist who has discovered that the injured police officer in the opening track has not only survived, but desires to join the community.


Eric Lagerström – Hatikvah – The Hope

“This old Neoclassical creation ressurected by "Eric Lagerström" brings hope and transforms every sad mood. Those Vocals of rich emotionality and violin chords take you by the hand and lead you in a surprising crescento.”


Hatikvah is about hope. Hope of return, hope of freedom. The song was written in the 19th century by Naphtali Herz Imber and Samuel Cohen.

Hatikvah gaat over de hoop. Hoop op terugkeer, hoop op vrijheid. Het lied werd in de 19de eeuw geschreven door Naphtali Herz Imber en Samuel Cohen.

Matt Herbst – Always In My Heart

“Like a flower that blooms in the early Spring, this Acoustic piece -slowly but gradually- reveals its beauty of sound. Matt Herbst does miracles with his piano and Kimberly’s angelic voice. An authentic gem that will earn your appreciation.”


This song is about the endurance of love over time. It is a lullaby that is dedicated to all our loved ones, who are always in our hearts, including our animal friends. I had the great pleasure of working with one of my favorite singers, Kimberly Knighton, who performs the vocals here. The song itself goes back to an early melody I had written years ago, with more recently revised lyrics. I recorded the song at June Audio in Provo, Utah. The film was shot by videographer Nick Sales, who also provided the cinematography. I am thrilled to share this with you all. I hope it brings to mind your loved ones, including those who are with us today as well as those who have passed but will remain in our hearts forever. The song is also available for streaming or downloading via all the common platforms. Thank you.



“This musical mosaic shimmers in the rays of light, opening your mind like a light gust of wind. In just three minutes, the artists managed to create the right mood and send you on a short, exciting trip through the waves of Afrobeats”

“Музыкальная мозаика переливается в лучах света, открытости вашего разума и лёгкого порыва ветра. Всего за три минуты у авторов получилось создать нужное настроение и отправить вас в непродолжительное, но очень увлекательное путешествие на волнах Afrobeats.”


This song is a great Afrobeat mix. It’s a blend of an upbeat inspirational soul vibe with a light-hearted Afropop feel. A beautiful video from artists village in Ghana.

Julia Mac – Life Abundant (Spotify)

“In moments of stress, frustration and dissapointment, music can be the cure. Some songs can simply erase all our negative feelings and "Life Abundant" can be a bright example. Light and friendly Dream Pop sound and lyrics of deep meaning, are promising your happy moments.”


This song is a unique Christian song as it is a chill pop song that is about enjoying a relationship with God.


Marius Billgobenson – Alongside My Way (Spotify)

“So quiet and good at heart, waves of pleasure caress your ear and you realize that you are not alone, but a beautiful melody of jazz is pouring all around you. Listening to the lyrics of the song, you understand the meaning of everything the author is singing about, and you fully live these charming four minutes with him.”

“Так тихо и хорошо на душе, волны удовольствия ласкают слух и ты осознаёшь, что ты не один, а повсюду вокруг тебя льётся красивая мелодия джаза. Вслушиваясь в текст песни понимаешь смысл всего, о чём поёт автор и полностью проживаешь вместе с ним эти очаровательные четыре минуты.”


Stockholm, Sweden-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Marius Billgobenson’s seeks to spread unity, compassion, understanding, hope and love in latest album offering ‘The Spirit Love’ - A refreshing, soul-stirring eleven song infusion of jazz, blues, pop, R&B and afro-beat that captures dynamic rhythms and vocal sounds indigenous to his homeland of the Congo. Whilst bending and blending the lines between genres, the globally conscious album also serves to empower and support his work as a compassionate and concerned citizen of the world, and strives to bridge the gap between deep-rooted cultural divides


Speaking on the album, Marius explains “The Spirit Love is all about the way we experience the feeling of being alive, being ourselves and offering our unique gifts to others. We remember the life source of energy in The Spirit Love, because you exist just as a consequence of love. All of the positive impact you have had in loving and strengthening your loved ones may reveal memories that make you feel strong and happy.”


The album comprises eleven eclectic and deeply personal tracks that are grounded in his own words “in the completeness of gratitude in my heart”, whilst exploring love in it’s many different facets, with the goal of inviting and motivating more “Love Spreaders” for change.


Having written the most part of the album himself, Marius also called upon the musical talent of guitarist and hitmaker Paul Brown to produce both leading single “Joy” and “Wait and See,” as well as employing the production prowess of urban jazz chart topper Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis across 6 other tracks.


More Rain – Adoration (We Love You Jesus) (Spotify)

“Chemical composition of amazing sound that makes you feel comfortable like your beloved home. Especially for the admirers of the original arrangement approach, it does not leave aside anyone whose soul demands freedom from the shackles of the skin stubborn reality.”

“Удивительная химия звука, композиция получилась очень уютной, как стены родного, любимого дома. Особенно восхищает оригинальный подход в аранжировке, она не оставит в стороне никого, чья душа требует свободы от оков въевшейся под кожу реальности.”


Artist shared few words behind the inspiration of this song:

" Adoration is a simple but powerful corporate worship song composed with vary thoughtful melody and instrumentation. The vocals by Daniel Moraine Smith are strong, passionate and transparent. This song was written late last year during the pandemic, it is one of several songs I wrote and will be releasing as singles. During that time God was continually reminding me that Christ is my sole sufficiency " - More Rain


Daniel Hartley – Dance (Spotify)

“The leading motif that lights up a bright star and a variety of colors throughout the song is so good that make you want to listen it on repeat. Naturally as possible and very intrusive.”

“Ведущий мотив, который горит яркой звездой и множеством оттенков на протяжении всей песни настолько хорош, что его хочется слушать целую вечность. Слушается максимально непринуждённо и очень навязчиво.”


Born and raised in Jamaica, Daniel Hartley is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church and a chanter in the choir at St Aidan's Orthodox Church, Manchester, UK. He is also a Roots Reggae Artist who's been jamming the reggae beats for the past 3 decades as an independent recording artist with his own record label, Caythorpe Recordings. He is was formerly known as Don Hartley during which time has collaborated with the likes of Nucleus Roots out of Manchester, UK, where he now resides and also with Faya Dub out of Paris. Together they have produced some off-the-wall anthems that have won the respect of many a Dub Reggae fans in and outside the UK. Now Daniel turns his focus on bringing Reggae to meet Orthodox Theology.


Follower of Christ – God First (Video)

“-God First- presents musical discoveries and experiences of a rare, exceptional kind. The song that chills to the bone, even those who used to be far from the most creative -Follower of Christ-.”

“-God First- дарит музыкальные открытия и переживания редкого, исключительного рода. Песня, которая пробирает до самых костей даже тех, кто раньше был максимально далёк от творчества -Follower of Christ-.”


Artist shared his words about this song with Nagamag:

” It’s very important to always put God first in everything we do, you’ll never go wrong when you make that choice. This song tries to explain the importance of putting God first to avoid facing many tough obstacles that we could otherwise avoid which can lead to feeling lost in life.”

Marcus M-Positive Parker – I Choose Happy (Spotify)

“Have you ever thought about how often you are happy? -Marcus M-Positive Parker- and his new single -I Choose Happy- will certainly remind you this clear rule; rather than any external circumstances, someone can be unhappy only because of his thoughts. By controlling his thoughts, he achieves his happiness.”

“Задумывались ли вы о том, как часто вы бываете счастливы? -Marcus M-Positive Parker- и его новый сингл -I Choose Happy- непременно напомнит вам о незыблемом правиле; несчастным человека делают только его мысли, а не внешние обстоятельства. Управляя своими мыслями, он управляет своим счастьем.”


This song is about choosing to be happy, no matter what obstacles come in your way. It is a motivational rap song, and has an international appeal.


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