Lerocque – Flatlined

“Track make thinking, delve into the text, empathize and causes exceptional emotions and associations. Sometimes the song helps to discover something inexplicable, incomprehensible, but such a close, important and necessary one. Elegant Indie Electronic with excellent sound decoration. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек заставлять думать, вникать в текст, сопереживать и вызывает исключительные эмоции и ассоциации. Иногда песня помогает открыть в себе нечто необъяснимое, непонятое, но такое близкое, важное и нужное. Элегантная Indie Electronic с прекрасным звуковым оформлением.”


Do you know that feeling? You met someone and you think you two are the best fit the world has ever seen. Well, it can go wrong though. And as life’s a ride you can only ride once, time is quite precious. Flatlined is about not sticking to something that is obviously lost. A happy electro pop song with a deeper meaning.


daddi – BIGGER

“High-quality hyperpop with a saturated bass line, beautiful effects, various and dynamic rhythm. Vocal -daddi- causes a real storm of emotions, which attacked you with huge waves, tightening in you in your ocean puchin! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Качественный Hyperpop с насыщенной басовой линией, красивыми эффектами, разнообразным и динамичным ритмом. Вокал -daddi- вызывает настоящую бурю эмоций, которая набрасывается на вас огромными волнами, затягивая в вас в свою океанскую пучину!”


Artist said about this song:

"This song is about having big d**k energy no matter who you are. It's for everyone, a reminder to remember who you are and to be confident in that. I wrote this song with the intention on reminding myself that as well, so it isn't just for others, it started with being for me and to have that song to play when I need that confidence boost or feel empowered."


Vanady – Flex

“She enters the room with lyrical grace. Fresh trap basslines light up this one with symmetry. Full flex going on here with linguistic talent at full disclosure. We enjoy the loops and that high hat that flow so good. ”


Masterless Multimedia presents female recording artist and entertainer, Vanady and her recent release, “FLEX.” The mellitic, hyper pop banger slightly shows off Vanady and how every female should flex when need be. Leading by example, Vanady marks her spot in the industry. Support her single & campaign. All Links: linktr.ee/Vanady


“With sincere mood and noticeable drum & bass elements, “Triple One” target the top in the Cloud Hop scene. This fresh and promising single with its thematic clip has the power to keep you stimulated until the last second.”


NEON DREAMBOAT is the lead single off Triple One’s upcoming project, A Dangerous Method Vol. 1. Another stadium sized anthem, this song is produced by multi-platinum producer Styalz Fuego, and Grammy Nominated producer 18YOMAN. Confident and brazen, yet emotive and vulnerable, this is Triple One at the top of their game, laying everything on the line for a love that won’t be lost. The audacious and daring 4 piece release this song in anticipation of their upcoming national tour and highly anticipated debut performance at Splendour in the Grass later this year.


OG Sweetz – Ellie Mae Jean

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Incredible power emotional heat in every note. Blurring all the boundaries of the Hip-Hop genre, -og Sweetz- reveals his soul in front of the listeners, breaking into their consciousness of deep lyrics and no less deep vocals.”

“Невероятной силы эмоциональный накал в каждой ноте. Размывая все границы жанра Hip-Hop, -OG Sweetz- раскрывает свою душу перед слушателями, врываясь в их сознание глубокой лирикой и не менее глубоким вокалом.”


OG Sweetz dropped a soothing, blues banger that will make you want to find your very own Ella Mae Jean. With his lyrics and raspy style OG Sweetz has his foot on the industry’s neck. Continue to support and stay updated on OG Sweetz.

All Links: linktr.ee/ogsweetz

Ian Abel – Right Hand Man (Spotify)

“Breaking the ordinary sound boundaries, Ian Abel targets on plenty of humour and unpredictable riffs on Hyperpop. Escape from the typical music and cheer up with the funny lyrics of this fresh release.”


Keep your pants on, because Ian Abel’s newest single “Right Hand Man” dropped on Feb 10th, 2022 and it’s the quirky, gay hyperpop smash the world needs right now.

“Right Hand Man” is a cheery, taunting pop tune, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, punchy synths, and an infectious earworm of a chorus. It’s naughty, effervescent and fun, all in one.

“Imagine you’re getting a drink at a sunny gay resort and you spot a cute stranger flirting with your man,” says Abel. “Then imagine you don’t even care: that’s what this song is about.”

“Right Hand Man” is accompanied by a low-concept music video following a big juicy butt as it walks around the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, bouncing from bar to bar, meeting up with friends, and even getting some light fondling action.

“These days I think we can also use entertainment that lightens the mood and doesn’t take itself too seriously,” says Abel. “I certainly don’t.”


Ian Abel (pronounced “able”) is, at the bottom of it all, a queer comic book nerd with a heart of gold. With an oh-so-smooth velvety voice and sensual, psychedelic electro-pop arrangements, he’s like if Sam Smith met Robyn or Jessie Ware met James Blake, all with a side of Peter Gabriel. He’s not just your standard indie voice.


For well over a decade, Ian has been an artist and performer. He has performed around the world and with greats like Nile Rodgers, Jimmy Fallon, and the SNL band. He has sung onstage at Carnegie Hall, on Chinese national television, and in festivals in Sun Valley, New York, and Edinburgh. Currently, Ian resides in New York City, where he hopes to get back to performing live soon.


He released his debut EP “Icarus” in 2016, and his songs and videos have been featured on Howl & Echoes, Wolf In a Suit, Clout, Indietronica, Milk Crater, Mystic Sons, and Spotify’s Fresh Finds.


LoveLeo – BUZZCUT (ft. blackwinterwells) official music video (Video)

“Similar sound in the music industry is rarely heard. A very lively and unusual journey in authorial peace. It all sounds quite minimalist, with no depressions or emotionalities. -BUZZCUT- will be a real boon for fans of the genre and bedroom hyperpop.”

“Подобный звук в музыкальной индустрии встречается крайне редко. Очень живое и необычное путешествие в авторский мир. Всё звучит достаточно минималистично, никакой лишней экспрессии и эмоциональности. -BUZZCUT- станет настоящей находкой для любителей жанров bedroom и hyperpop.”


LoveLeo returns with a new hyperpop bop titled “BUZZCUT” feat. blackwinterwells, out now via Godmode/Republic Records—listen HERE.


It’s the kind of radical style shift and reinvention we’ve come to expect from LoveLeo – a sly, sardonic look at the way our realities and appearances are increasingly blurring.

“Like many people, I often find myself doing things on social media strictly for the purpose of doing things on social media,” explains LoveLeo. “When you step away from it all, you start to wonder what toll it’s taking on your happiness and who actually benefits from the ‘likes’. That’s what ‘BUZZCUT’ is about. Also I shaved my head so there’s that too.”

LoveLeo also directed the official music video – an absurdist, existential take on “Youtube makeup tutorial” style content, complete with his iconic aux cord earrings, rainbow nails, new buzzcut, and a special performance from the artist blackwinterwells, the architect of the nascent hyperpop movement. Watch HERE.


Additionally, this month LoveLeo stars in the new Yves Saint Laurent campaign, in a short film directed by Jim Jarmusch called “French Water”. The film co-stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Indya Moore, Julianne Moore, and Chloë Sevigny. Watch HERE.


Last year, LoveLeo introduced himself as one to watch with his debut EP, LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE. Beyond praise from PAPER, Dazed, L’Officiel and more, HYPEBAE raved, “LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE is one of the summer’s best,” while Ones To Watch proclaimed, “LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE revels in the creative process, finding a sense of devious delight and rapture in these sonic diamonds in the rough.” Most recently, VMAN dove into his “surrealistic synth pop world” and admitted, “It’s the sound of someone teeming with ideas, unabashedly playing with sounds and giving plenty of room for exploration.” However, it only sets the stage for much more to come from LoveLeo this year.

LoveLeo has amassed nearly 100 million streams in less than a year and incited widespread critical acclaim. His 2019 breakthrough hit, “BOYFREN,” has garnered nearly 54 million Spotify streams and 12 million views on the music video after capturing the top spot on Spotify’s US Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 Charts. He landed on the 2020 Dazed 100 list for his musical and fashion sensibilities, while his EP, LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE, and additional singles, “ROSIE,” “LEMONS” and “HEAD OVER HEELS,” opened up his world.


When he was a kid, Leo Reilly, who now records as LoveLeo, got excited when one of his friends made a “really bad” rap song. He’d recorded it directly into the SoundCloud app, which Reilly wasn’t even aware you could do, then shared it out to all of his friends, at which point it took his school by storm. After experimenting for a few years and decamping to San Francisco to study fashion, Leo finally landed on an upbeat sound that allowed him to find inspiration in music he loved, no matter where or when it came from. Later, back at his parents’ house at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, he put together his breakout single “BOYFREN” in his childhood bedroom while his mom and dad were making chicken parm for dinner. After its release at the end of 2019, “BOYFREN” went viral and paved the way for 2020 singles “ROSIE” and “LEMONS.” On his debut eight track EP, LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE, Reilly taps into a rich wellspring of personal moments of growth, filtered through his unique sense of humor. The EP, its singles and their kinetic and innovative videos, all of which Reilly co-directed, paint a portrait of a rising artist on the cusp of something big. As LoveLeo, Reilly has landed on a sound that is playful and probing, the result of an urge to create music that is not so much reliant on genre as it is a reflection of the 21-year-old’s idiosyncratic viewpoint and style. His songs are deceptively simple earworms that probe big ideas with a light touch, but Reilly never pushes listeners toward a revelation. Instead, he offers up a wonky, sometimes-cartoonish world of slick players and devious villains who’re posturing and fumbling through love and life, just like the rest of us.


French Fries and Margarita – Crimes Against Nature (Video)

“A smooth velvety production, the song is catchy & current, both sonically & lyrically. The latter being a statement that we all have the right to be ourselves. The rich vocals are performed with an absorbing flamboyance & effortless ease. We think this has hit written all over it.”


Lyrically, the song manifests the most essential right for any human being: the right to be themselves. Melodically, the debut single absorbed UFO-influenced electronic elements which are authentic to FFM and unique pop-oriented sound.


Chris Kelly – Bittersweet (Spotify)

“"Bittersweet" can promise you the hard-to-find connection between emotions and sound. Chris Kelly has the ability to keep his audience attention until the last second. Once you press the play button, there's no escape from the magic waves.”


Chris Kelly is a Canadian artist and musician currently based in Vancouver, BC. An incredibly versatile and talented musician, he has been part of a number of bands and projects over the years, as well as pursuing a solo career.

For the last few years, Chris has been one half of Velavox, formerly Kelly and Gibson, an award-winning pop duo whose music has received more than one million streams and been featured on MTV. Songs off of Velavox’s latest EP have resulted in the pair being semi-finalists at the 2020 Unsigned Only and the 2019 International Songwriting Competition. The group also has a successful YouTube channel, with over a million views, where Chris and his partner, Nicole Gibson, post original music along with covers of popular songs.

Before moving to Vancouver, Chris was part of a Montreal-based Linkin Park cover band called Projekt Revolution. As the lead vocalist, he was tasked with singing the extraordinarily talented Chester Bennington’s parts. His time with Projekt Revolution pushed Chris and his vocal abilities and allowed him to explore a part of his voice he never knew existed. As a multi-instrumentalist, Chris has also had the opportunity to work with French artists such as Emile Bilodeau (whom he also produced his first EP) as well as with other punk and rock bands.

Chris released his debut single as a solo artist in 2020 and has released several more over the last year and his most recent single, Bittersweet, was produced by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Additionally, Chris streams on Twitch regularly, sharing his process for creating music with his followers.


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