daddi – BIGGER

“High-quality hyperpop with a saturated bass line, beautiful effects, various and dynamic rhythm. Vocal -daddi- causes a real storm of emotions, which attacked you with huge waves, tightening in you in your ocean puchin! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Качественный Hyperpop с насыщенной басовой линией, красивыми эффектами, разнообразным и динамичным ритмом. Вокал -daddi- вызывает настоящую бурю эмоций, которая набрасывается на вас огромными волнами, затягивая в вас в свою океанскую пучину!”

Artist said about this song:

"This song is about having big d**k energy no matter who you are. It's for everyone, a reminder to remember who you are and to be confident in that. I wrote this song with the intention on reminding myself that as well, so it isn't just for others, it started with being for me and to have that song to play when I need that confidence boost or feel empowered."

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 20, 2022