WEDONT – Tru Lov Dont Lie

“Pay your attention to an interesting bass melody, which immerses you in this loci House track. The perfectly constructed balance of sound, information and high -quality arrangement, which together are able to raise the level of your hormones to previously unattainable heights!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Обратите своё внимание на интересную басовую мелодию, которая погружает вас в этот Lo-fi House трек. Идеально построенный баланс звука, сведения и качественной аранжировки, которые в совокупности способны поднять уровень ваших гормонов до недосягаемых ранее высот!”

J Love x Theon Bower – Do What You Feel

“"J Love" and "Theon Bower" team up for a House dynamite and the result is quite clear. A track with own character and uplifting sound spirit is here to rise up your confidence. Adjust the volume level, hit "play" and free your mind for the next minutes.”

South London's Producer-DJ Theon Bower and genre-melding multi-instrumentalist J Love team up to bring you the third instalment on Swung Out Records in the form of a euphoric summer house anthem. Serving bass, keys and strings recorded live by J Love over a hypnotic sampled hook, the track draws on the roots of house as much as the disco that came before it, underpinned with a modern drum track that has been tried and tested in the clubs as well as well as this summer's festivals.

Mathien – Chicago (Talk about it, Be About)

“Good work with space, in which the rustle of textures, the soft bit Lo-Fi House and a magnetic melody are beautifully located. A real, musical drug, the action of which depends only on you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Хорошая работа с пространством, в котором красиво расположились шелест текстуры, мягкий бит Lo-fi House и магнетическая мелодия. Настоящий, музыкальный наркотик, действие которого зависит только от вас.”

Comakid – Full HD Hugs feat. Brooke Howard

“Yes, you fell into the arms of the broken rhythms of IDM and Glitch music. If you manage to solve this incredible riddle and catch each sound, simultaneously laying it into components, then you are exactly the same genius as the authors of this amazing track!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Да, вы попались в объятия ломаных ритмов IDM и Glitch музыки. Если у вас получится разгадать эту невероятную загадку и уловить каждый звук, попутно раскладывая его на составные части, то вы точно такой же гений, как и авторы этого потрясающего трека!”

“Full HD Hugs”, which is also the title track of Comakid’s upcoming EP, is one of the most alluring songs out of his latest releases.

Understated and dusty, yet also elegant and driving, the single features Brooke Howard on vocals and the result of this collaboration is nothing but memorable.

Supported by the throbbing, somewhat industrial rhythm, Brooke’s voice floats effortlessly over a mix of gritty and mesmerising synths, drawing the listener in during the verses then launching into the open chorus hook.

One can definitely hear Comakid’s versatility and wide range of influences through this tune which can easily fit in selections from lovers of various electronic music genres. The producer also just dropped "Hyper Real" on Ableton, a pack of instruments, effects and live sounds that has been making waves among the community of music makers.

Preceding the much anticipated EP, “Full HD Hugs” ft Brooke Howard will be out everywhere on July 13th via DRRT Records,

"What started the process of writing this song was a feeling of being observed, spied on, constantly scanned by technology. I imagined two lovers living the beginning of their story in a state of complete secrecy. Trying to keep everything hidden from both people around them and from that ever-present feeling of a third party ,“entity”, constantly spying on them through technology. Ultimately, the song plays on the contrast between a very modern topic and a deliberately old and out-dated overall aesthetic as it sounds dusty, lo-fi and somehow belonging to a different era." // Comakid

Mosey – Such a Tease

“The slow, viscous rhythm of Lo-Fi House, with interesting inserts of UK Garage elements, which seem to tease you with their dirty effects and hypnotic wibes. A real trip to your subconscious mind is provided to you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Медленный, вязкий ритм Lo-fi House, с интересными вставками элементов UK Garage, которые словно дразнят вас своими грязными эффектами и гипнотическим вайбом. Настоящий трип в ваше подсознание вам обеспечен.”

Zach Mayer – XX Clouds

“And there is no better medicine in the world than the Minimal House alluring rhythms. We advise you to put on the headphones and plunge into this track so deeply as to hear all the variety of sound effects with which it is saturated. A real buzz for your ears!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“И нет в мире лучшего лекарства, чем манящие ритмы minimal house. Советуем вам надеть наушники и погрузиться в этот трек настолько глубоко, чтобы расслышать всё то разнообразие звуковых эффектов, которыми он насыщен. Настоящий кайф для ваших ушей!”

petit garcon – Barolo

“"Barolo" drifts between sadness and emotional stability. A soothing track which can take away your bitter thoughts and calm your spirit. Ideal to listen after a tiring day or stressful situation, as its pure atmosphere cuddles everyone.”

You would maybe find petit garcon as a boy with few words. The truth is that whether you find him in a small club somewhere in Stockholm city or in his apartment, he's just in a weirdly conscious place somewhere inside his own created atmosphere. A place where everyone can just be what they ARE. This song was created through emotions of pain and a smile. petit garcon wants to be a part of the experimental/instrumental-scene, fill peoples heart and make people conscious in their mind and body.

Licca – Cygnus

“We introduce "Licca" via a track that combines calm melodies with faster rhythmic parts. The suitable Lo-fi House for your moments of endless relaxation is just out. Soothing sound, ideal to listen while watching the Sun lowering towards the horizon.”

LO-Fi sound creates a chill groove.

House based sound, with breakbeats joining in the middle of the song to create a groove that builds and builds in the second half of the song.

The image of a swan spreading its wings over the Milky Way and flying from north to south.

The artwork is also by Licca.

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