Vini – After Hours

“Catchy and crystal Electro Pop single already out by "Vini". The artist describes a situation where she can't stop thinking of a missing person. Many of us may have been in the same position more than once and this sound brings in mind past moments of joy.”

"After Hours" is a song about missing someone you can't stop thinking about. Because there is no one else who can replace that person, all of the memories you've shared keep rewinding. This song's chorus also includes the French phrase "Je pense à toi," which means "I'm thinking of you." In this third song, VINI, predictably, tells a different story and demonstrates a different atmosphere when compare with the latest single.

MKSTN – Super Model

“The track that made a crushing blow to the ears of lovers of the genres of Chillwave and Lo-Fi House. An illusion of immersion in a different, parallel world is created, in which energy completely masters your body. Hypnotizing work capable of introducing into a state of deep trance. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который произвел сокрушительный удар по ушам любителей жанров Chillwave и Lo-fi House. Создаётся иллюзия погружения в иной, параллельный мир, в котором энергия полностью овладевает вашим телом. Гипнотизирующая работа, способная ввести в состояние глубокого транса.”

"Super Model" is about a fictional story of an outdated A.I. robot that ironically feels growing pains when viewing newer versions of itself. It's a song created with the intent of feeling euphoric and emotional on the dance floor. I wanted to combine elements of everything I love listening to that would give me goosebumps live or in my headphones. Psychedelic synths, classic electronic drum machines, yearning electric guitars, a groovy bass-line, and a chant that makes everyone feel "forever young".

5urati – kömak bashi

“When the sound pierces through when you want to listen to music exclusively in the cozy atmosphere and when the soul wants to shout from the endless flow of emotions. Turn off your phones and turn on this track and immerse yourself in rhythms and melody Lounge music along with -5urati-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Когда звук пробирает насквозь, когда хочется слушать музыку исключительно в уютной атмосфере и когда душа хочет кричать от нескончаемого потока эмоций. Выключайте ваши телефоны и включайте этот трек и погрузитесь в ритмы и мелодию Lounge музыки вместе с -5urati-.”

MAYN – Onda

“The prickly rhythm section of the UK Garage and the atmospheric melody of DownTEMPO set up the meditative state by calling to relax and do not rush to absorb all its content. This music needs to drink small sips and feel how she slowly enters your body of a drop behind the drop. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Колючая ритм-секция UK Garage и атмосферная мелодия Downtempo настраивают на медитативное состояние, призывая расслабиться и не торопясь впитать всё её содержание. Эту музыку нужно пить небольшими глотками и чувствовать, как она медленно входит в ваше тело капля за каплей.”

artist said about this song:

"I wrote this song while on a retreat to Mexico City spurred by losing my home in Los Angeles during the pandemic. I was feeling really inspired by the vibrance of the people, the lush green jungle co-existing with the city, and the palpable energy that flows through it all.

I immediately felt at home here and wanted to capture that energy in this track—the result being "Onda", an electronic love letter to the city."

suncream – Agonda

“Join the free spirit of this smooth electronic track and fly away for your own paradise. "suncream" has cleverly fused organic with synth elements to form a star that will shine in your music playlist. Don't miss "Agonda"!”

Organic dance music for the soul'

‘Agonda’ is named after a small fishing village in Goa, India, an area known for its bohemian, electronic music. A trip in 2019 (unknowingly at the time) became the inspiration for this track which carries the listener to this calm and special place. Following a simple recipe, blending the use of live instruments, samples, computers and tape machines, this lo-fi electronic exploration cooks-up soundscapes laden in ambient grooves and organic, sun-soaked textures

Cloudchord – Sundays

“Discover a slight dose of jazzy instrumentation, presented with Hip-Hop manner and technical proficiency. Only a few tracks can guarantee your ear satisfaction and "Sundays" has achieved it quite well.”

Over the years, Derek VanScoten, the producer, guitarist, and Emmy-winning musician behind Cloudchord has given signature guitar riffs and uplifting sounds that have solidified his place in the world of psychedelic chill hop beats. His latest single, “Sundays,” is the sound of Neo-Soul Gospel guitar accompanied with wondrous Jazzy Hip Hops beats created for a perfect Sunday. VanScoten shares, “A classic chill hop vibe, with a touch of swagger.”

suncream – Squash

“This one just sounds like an instant classic, wearing its retro badge with pride and honour. A sweet, organic, deep house groover, with the mandatory rowdy bass and cocktail enabling vocal hooks that waste no time luring you on the dancefloor unashamedly. ”

Organic dance music for the soul - 'Squash' fuses my love for funk & disco with progressive house music. Following a simple recipe, blending the use of live instruments, samples, computers and tape machines, this lo-fi electronic exploration cooks-up soundscapes laden in ambient grooves and organic, sun-soaked textures.

ELBTUNNEL – Harbor Lounge

“In "Harbor Lounge", you can find your favourite House sound decorated with sophisticated Jazz elements. Lo-fi, warm and cozy enough to make you feel at ease, while offering moments of precious relaxation for your body and soul.”

With "Harbor Lounge" a mixture of chilled deep house beats and the so classic smooth jazz elements succeeds, through which the producer can already look back on several successes with other instrumental projects. (Blue Knights, Dancing Fantasy, Colors In Motion).

Mit "Harbor Lounge" gelingt eine Mischung aus chilligen Deep-House Beats und den so klassischen Smooth-Jazz Elementen, durch die der Produzenten mit anderen Instrumental Projekten schon auf mehrere Erfolge zurückblicken kann. (Blue Knights, Dancing Fantasy, Colors In Motion).

Blimp – Feeling Lonely? (Spotify)

“Deep immersion in the rhythms of Deep House. In the originality of melody, which smoothly enters you into the track's atmosphere. Only a few vocal samples decorate it, adding a special taste of charm and good mood.”

“Глубокое погружение в ритмы deep house, в самобытность и лёгкость мелодии, которая плавно вводит вас в атмосферу трека. Редкие вкрапления вокала лишь украшают его и придают особый привкус шарма и красивого вайба.”

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