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Sink Slow, Just Jerry – Lounge Love (Spotify)

“Choose "Lounge Love" and welcome a breeze of fresh air in your place. Your exclusive sound, which opens the gate to another dimension. Lured by the careful mix of sound layers, every listener can recognize the value of this single.”

Lounge Love is the first single off of Introspection.lofi that will make you dig into a deeper part of your soul. Driving house beats, hard hitting bass lines, reverb filled synths & lo-fi guitars will make listeners melt into their seat while also having them dance. With influences from house music, lo-fi and artists like Ross from Friends, Kaytranada, Glue70, Folamour and more - be prepared to look into yourself almost meditatively to find things about yourself you may not have seen before.

Sink Slow creates majestic, sensual, joyous atmospheres that cause listeners to travel to places within their memories, before experiencing release on the dance floor. Pulling from a touring rock background prior to switching to production, Sink Slow adds original bass, guitar, and keys to his tracks, creating depth that allows for layers of emotion within a moment of sound.

Donmosjbat – BADA (Spotify)

“-BADA- can be considered as an expressive release with not a sharp transition from the old principles and ideas. It is observed from the sound, but also by a bunch of musical ideas from afrobeats to lo-fi and deep house.”

“-BADA- выразительный релиз; не резкий переход от прежних принципов и идей, а их логическое продолжение. Это наблюдается с саундом, впитавшим кучу музыкальных идей, — от afrobeats до lo-fi и deep house.”

Absorver – Soils I (Spotify)

“-Absorver- trip to a parallel world, where lies the track -Soils I-. When there is no need for any complex music arrangement, and the soul asks for comfort and privacy. Lo-fi at its best manifestation.”

“-Absorvations- параллельный мир, в котором на перекрёстке его миров особняком стоит трек -Soils I-. Когда нет необходимости перегружать музыку сложной аранжировкой, а душа просит уюта и уединения. Lo-fi в лучшем своём проявление. ”

Thematically the EP attempts to portray an inevitable cycle of feelings. A journey from a cold harsh unknown, from where you wish to return, followed by glances of hope and relief as you approach familiar territory, into a brief moment of comfort, which is soon replaced by everyday annoyances and uncertainties before finally regressing once again as all which made you leave or yearn for a change in the first place reemerges in unbearable cacophony and you want all of it to just freeze...until you need it again.

Musically the overall atmosphere of each segment is conjured by distorted, glitchy instrumentation, minimal repetitive melodies, beats and samples with tape-like lofi processing. Synths, saxophones, warped guitars, unintelligible vocal samples, ambient textures, experimental randomisations.

EP Released on february 26th 2021 on Mai Lei Bel as vinyl and digital.

Anton Kling – Void (Spotify)

“Keep calm and ...listen to "Anton Kling-Void"! Miraculous harmony with some House soft beat to lower your pulse and releave from stress. Don't let this chance go away. Put on your headphones and hit play.”

Bomat – Doing All Right (Spotify)

“Rustling vinyl needle effect, characteristic deep house depth and atmospheric vocal sound samples. The single -Doing All Right- fulfills its name at 100%. Bomat is dictating his carefree, ethereal and almost unearthly mood.”

“Шелест виниловой иглы, характерное для deep house углублённое звучание и атмосферные вокальные семплы. Сингл -Doing All Right- на все 100 отрабатывает своё название, диктуя своё беззаботное, эфирное и почти что неземное настроение.”

"Doing All Right" is the second release of Berlin based house producer Bomat and released on the New York City imprint Nervous Records.

Moritz Bommert aka Bomat is a German composer, producer and DJ based originally from Cologne but based in Berlin. Moritz’s passion for house music started at a young age when he moved to Berlin to study and deep dive into the city's vibrant musical landscape where he worked for several years as a music producer and DJ releasing music under various monikers until 2015. After a creative break Moritz returned to the studio in 2018 to discover his very own sound and start his Bomat alias before teaming up with the legendary NYC label Nervous Records for his ‘Classy Talk’ that came out in 2020. In 2021 he returns to the NYC imprint with his second single ‘Doing All Right’.

Wave Point – Shadows (Spotify)

“"Shadows" is the second release of "Wave Point". The Detroit artist continues with pure House sounds, which keep the dancing spirit alive. High quality mix suitable for all situations can promise you back your lost enthusiasm.”

2nd release from Wave Point (formerly half of Golf Clap & Country Club Disco). More info:

Pansy Alert – Larry Fisherman (Spotify)

“One more remarkable track by Pansy Alert. Directly focusing on a more relaxing mood, offers a mix of peaceful, light and harmonic sounds. Unique Minimal House result, which can deeply affect your spirit.”

dudegotosleep – The One (Spotify)

“Warm and happy House tune with steady beat and leading piano melodies. Do you feel bad? We recommend this track to take away any feelings of sadness and melancholy.”

A beautiful lofi house tune we feel the world needs in a time when were all forced to be so separated from our loved ones. - dudegotosleep

With high quality and hard work ethic as the backbone, dudegotosleep is the first all-genre experience of its kind. It's creators have performed on various stages from LA to Miami, have logged many hours producing for the project, and will be releasing mass amounts of tunes in all bpm's over the coming decade. From beautiful house to complex oddities, there is most certainly going to be something for everyone. Tune in, listen close, and come see yourself the freshest tunes this side of the Mississippi.

Trip Tease x Kris Berle – Red (Spotify)

“Trip Tease and Kris Berle delight old school lovers of House Music and Lo-fi with their new single with the catchy name Red.”

“Trip Tease и Kris Berle радуют любителей старой школы House Music и Lo-fi своим новым синглом с броским названием Red.”

Trip Tease is Mexican producer Carlos Salame, born in 1991. With mainly Electronic sounds and melodic structures. Trip Tease is influenced by genres like pop, techno, lo-fi house and synthwave. He's collaborated with many artists like rhye, Alejandro molinari, Kris Berle, Olafur Arnalds, polo & pan, photay, And more.

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