M.E. Netzke – Fully Tickled Pink (Spotify)

“-M.e. Netzke- worked hard and managed to make a real masterpiece. Its Folk melody is pouring from the speakers like river and the voice affects all the strings of your soul. Feel the bliss in every second!”

“-M.E. Netzke- проделал огромную работу над звуковым полотном и постарался сделать из своей песни настоящий хит. И, знаете ли, у него это прекрасно получилось! Мелодия фолк-музыки льётся из динамиков рекой, а голос затрагивает все струны души. Блаженство в каждой секунде!”


This song has to do with being unsettled. It's about knowing wherever a person goes, they're thinking of someplace farther along. It's also about living with another who knows this and wants the feeling to cease. It touches on the conflict that situation creates when one party hopes toward the impossible cause of changing someone other than themselves.




A.M. Early Morning, Nightwalker, King Magnetic – Dusk Till Dawn – song by A.M. Early Morning, Nightwalker, King Magnetic | Spotify (Spotify)

“The Chi-Town crew coming through with dope and slow rhythm spitting that fire. American hip-hop lives on in it’s true essence in this one.


The Chicago-based duo of A.M. Early Morning & Nightwalker give another taste of their forthcoming EP, L.N.E.M. III with their latest leak, “Dusk Till Dawn.” Falling on the heels of their Eto featured single, “Late Night Early Mornings 3,” the pair are now joined by Allentown, PA veteran King Magnetic as all three emcees drop true-to-life bars that detail their underhanded lifestyles that take place one the sun goes down, with Nightwalker’s jarring production as the backdrop.


“Dusk Till Dawn” is available now through all major DSPs and can be purchased for instant-grat off the Bandcamp and iTunes’ pre-order for L.N.E.M. III which is due out Sept 16 through their Late Night Music imprint. In addition to King Mag and Eto, the seven track EP also includes appearances by PozLyrix, Otis Ghost and Little Vic.



“A pleasant &, harmonious blend of acoustic atmospherics that will gently transport you from the fog of awakening to the warm glow of consciousness on sunny a Californian beach. This laid back, catchy tune is also full of layers of great musicianship, not least of which are the warm comforting vocals. ”


M.Byrd’s story starts somewhere between Amsterdam and Paris. Whilst being the tour bassist for Ilgen-Nur, M.Byrd showed the rest of the band his own demos and their reaction was what gave him the final push to focus on his solo career. Fast-forward to the end of the tour and just one single-release later the 25 year-old artist now has more than 1.5 million Spotify streams under his belt. M.Byrd swiftly forged his own path in the industry with his infectious indie neo-psych-folk sound.

The upcoming single “Morning Sun” is indeed all about an acoustic sound scape, which, however, conveys no less depth than the powerful guitar sounds of “Mountain”. The warm entry symbolizes the rising of the morning sun and at the same time lets listeners wake up in the fog.

M. Byrd himself describes the process as follows:

“Morning Sun has become a kind of morning mantra for me. The idea came to me a few years ago in the morning right after I got up and it came back to me subsequently over and over again, like a kind of entry into meditation, until I finally recorded it and arranged it into form.”

Marcel Izequierdo Torres, who also directed the first music video of the artist, takes the night as a visual guideline and in an almost mystical atmosphere features the self-confident dancer Rose Marie Lindstrøm with her own choreography.Alternating between floating and rhythmic movements, the young dancer interprets the song as a ritual awakening after an aimless search in the fog, as the desire for the redeeming breath under water.

M.Byrd’s timeless songs shine with a feeling of strength and self-understanding that can be rarely found at the beginning of a young musicians’s career – they transport the listener to the American west coast, emitting a sense of melancholic future and euphoric youth, urging them to trust their intuition and find their inner-self. “I spent many years soaking up personal and musical experiences and I’ve been learning a lot in different studios and touring situations. The music I make is thus inspired by being on the road, moving on and allowing growth to happen. I realized that the experiences on my path might also inspire other people and I hope that this will continue in the future with the songs we release.”


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