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Poppy Blue Eyes – Center of Bliss (Spotify)

“Carefully made and easy-going Acoustic composition from the masters of "Poppy Blue Eyes" project. Idealy made for guitar lovers or those who just want to communicate their feelings via words of admiration and strong meaning.”

This is the second song released from the four song ep “Dock Bar”. Very chill, smooth, easy to listen to kind of song.

Poppy Blue Eyes

Started in 2018 by singer/songwriter Jonathan Marvel (lead vox/guitar) from Queenstown, MD. Current members also include Jeremy Cruse (lead guitar), Graham Furniss (bass/vox), Steven Dunn (trumpet/vox), and Devin HammondKid Brown (drums). The band is based out of Stevensville, MD and writes and performs music in reggae/folk/rock genres.

Val Dorantes – High (Video)

“The track opens with a gentle lilting female vocal with piano accompaniment, before becoming quite rhythmic and deeply emotional and melodic. Expressing the age old subject of the world through the eyes of a jilted lover. Val Dorantes is blessed with a wonderful voice and her debut single ‘High’ is a great start to what is sure to be a long and successful career.”

Represents the feeling after a break up, the way the world look to a person when its sad or disillusioned

Onk Lou – Cranes (official video) (Video)

“Cranes, a track from the one which put you in the mood quickly with its quality, the one that attract the radars of advertising companies for commercial ad sync and Onk Lou here rumbles with a thunderous boom, palpably reveling and sing with a raucous, exuberant vocal style! ”

Onk Lou shared with us few words about this song:

My city is beautiful, crazy and colourful. In my city everybody is welcome, no matter if you’re a top manager, working on a shift or if you’re not working at all. But if apartments and houses are only built for vacancy to make the rich even richer and the only affordable options are either to leave or to take the 71 down to the central graveyard, it seems to me as if the cranes that are hanging over my city are becoming vultures lurking and waiting for you to fail.

Marie Minet – Attendre l’été (Video)

“Marie Minet with her song Attendre l’été, through a stunning minimal video clip which hypnotize you quickly and a lush of atmospheric melodic harmonic lines, a beautiful choreography with soft brilliant sound mix, and a sensual heartwarming vocal performance with a goosebumps chorus, engages us wonderful into a memorable song. A song we return back to re-listen and add in your favorite lists. ”


Une voix claire et envoutante. Des textes forts aux accents nostalgiques. Des mélodies profondes bercées d’influences cap-verdiennes et africaines. Marie Minet opère une synthèse des genres aussi sublime qu’inédite en racontant de manière crue mais poétique des histoires de vie qui font echo à sa génération.

Son premier single Attendre l’été, disponible à la fin du mois de Novembre 2020, navigue entre slam, musique du monde et références subtiles aux compositions classiques de son aïeul Edward Grieg. Une chanson qui ravive des souvenirs d’enfance, tout en interrogeant l’innocence de cette période et les désillusions de l’âge adulte. Un single qui surprend tant il bouscule les frontières entre les genres musicaux tout en nous rapellant les classiques de la chanson française.

Son premier album, qu’elle compose sur les textes de son frère Paul, est mis en musique par Jon Luz, prodige discret de la musique du monde ayant composé pour Cesária Evora et bien d’autres. Il est attendu pour le printemps 2021.


A clear and mesmerising voice. Powerful lyrics with nostalgic touches. Deep melodies soften by Cape Verdean influences. This is what makes Marie Minet’s mixing of genres is as sublime as it is innovative. In her raw but poetic way, she tells life stories that echo her generation.

Her first single, “Attendre l’Été,” available in November 2020, navigates between French chanson, spoken word, World Music, and subtle references to the classical compositions of her ancestor Edward Grieg. It’s a song that revives childhood memories while questioning the innocence of youth and the disillusionment of adulthood.

Her first album, “Clair Obscur”, is filled with profound lyrics from her brother Paul. She composed the music in collaboration with Jon Luz, a master of Cape Verdean music who composed for Césaria Évora, bringing a Lusafone accent to the French chanteuse. He also produced the album, which is expected to be released in spring 2021.

Tom Mackell – Strange Times (Video)

“Yes we all know we have step into -Strange Times- Tom Mackell is here to sing about that, with a chorus which will goosebumps you for sure. A beautiful bright song with reflective lyrics, the tracks you love also to take long road drives.”

Tom Mackell shared with us few words about this song “I wrote Strange Times while considering all of the sudden changes in my every day life during quarantine. It’s an honest and sincere expression of how I was feeling and dealing with this new reality. I was looking forward to my first music festival appearance over the summer as well as a full coast-to-coast U.S. tour in the fall. It was hard to stop touring, but as every other musician unfortunately had to experience, I was forced to cancel everything and head home. One of the first things I did at the start of quarantine was sit down and write ‘Strange Times’; it was my way of processing the uncertainty ahead.

The track was written, recorded and produced in Nashville during quarantine. It features some of the best musicians in music city including Sol Philcox-Littlefield (Tim McGraw, Sam Hunt, Luke Combs, Jake Owen), Grady Saxman (Luke Combs, Muscadine Bloodline, Uncle Kracker), Will Moore (Lucie Silvas), Billy Justineau (Brothers Osborne), Tim Galloway (Chris Janson, Jake Owen). Strange Times by Tom Mackell is a new Nashville track from a new Nashville artist that was featured on Glide Magazine, Americanafest and more.”

Haven’t We All Been – Mandy McMillan {Official Music Video} (Video)

“With a carefully craft in the mix/production level and fine sound assets of drums and guitar lines, Mandy McMillan levels up this blend with her heartwarming and profoundly impactful lyrics into an elegant song.”

Canadian country-pop artist Mandy McMillan has released her emotional new single, “Haven’t We All Been” – which is now available on all digital platforms.

Co-written by McMillan and Chris Roberts, “Haven’t We All Been” was produced in Nashville by Simon Gugala. It was influenced primarily by the styles and sounds of Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, and John Mayer to create a song that intersects between alt-country and classic rock but is fueled by cathartic energy.

“The inspiration for this song came from my own path to self-love during a very trying time in my life. Creating ‘Haven’t We All Been’ was a healing exercise that helped to keep me grounded. It taught me to not be ashamed of any situation I have been in. Instead, I can transform the pain into a means of learning, growing, and – ultimately – living,” says McMillan.

“Reflective hopefulness” is how McMillan describes the lasting impact of the song that she wants her listeners to feel from it.

McMillan says, “I want people know that it is okay to be real and be open about their vulnerability. Every experience becomes a story, and these unique stories and struggles that make us who we are. The greatest gift that we can offer is to share our stories and find a connection – not through our common adversities, but from the helping others to find light through the darkness. With this song, I want to share understanding and compassion for others on a hopeful path to better days.”

The Edmonton-born McMillan’s own journey sent her from the small town of Stony Plain, Alberta to Nashville after she won a Country Music Television Canada Contest in 2008. High points like opening for Trisha Yearwood and Blake Shelton, releasing her 2014 self-titled EP, and making the Top 10 of ole’s “Play for Publisher” have been mixed with lower points of personal struggles and self-reflection. McMillan has ultimately made peace with herself through self-love, spirituality, trust in the universe, and let it shine through with a diverse offering of new music for others to form their own connections with.

“Haven’t We All Been” follows McMillan’s summer release, “Dream Catcher”, and is the newest single to be released from her upcoming album – also called “Dream Catcher” – due in 2021.

She will support “Haven’t We All Been” with a music video in November and a special alliance with Be Free Yoga – a Spruce Grove, Alberta foundation that emphasizes yoga and meditation as a means of healing for those faced with mental health challenges.

“Haven’t We All Been” is available now on all streaming platforms.


Haven’t we all been
Drinking in the same bars
And haven’t we all been
Hiding the same old scars

We’re singing the same songs
About love gone wrong
Getting by getting high
Letting go of yesterday

Haven’t we all been here at least a time or two
Wiping away these tears we’re drinking away our blues
Falling in love and breaking up
Over and over again
Haven’t we all been

I’ve got a friend who
Is getting married next week
And i got another one getting alimony

I’ve had a heartbreak
Pulled close then pushed away
I’ve learned to fly i’ve learned ro cry
Aren’t we all doing the same dang thing

Haven’t we all been here at least a time or two
Wiping away these tears we’re drinking away our blues
Falling in love and breaking up
Over and over again
Haven’t we all been

A little lost along the way
A little up a little down
A little scared to leave the same small towns
A little whiskey kills the pain

But in the end we’re all ok
Tomorrows another day but for now

Haven’t we all been here at least a time or two
Wiping away these tears we’re drinking away our blues
Falling in love and breaking up
Over and over again
Haven’t we all been
Haven’t we all been

Leila – By You Now (Spotify)

“-By You Now- is the new single of -Leila- under SubtleFreak Studios imprint, a blend of bright sound elements and heartwarming vocals generating the right good atmosphere for all the background moments with friends, your love or holidays shopping.”

Leila couldn't be further from your typical indie artist. Hailing from Neverheardofit Pennsylvania, her sound and lyrics carry their humble roots. A little Jazz, a little soul, a hint of strange and three shots of romance will keep this spellbinding cocktail of uncanny ballads in your head forever. Having grown up playing piano, singing, and dancing in recitals and competitions she was exposed to the industry at an early age, setting the stage for this artistic endeavor. Her love for Chopin and Debussy heavily influences her songwriting, infusing her sound with a musical maturity and sophistication.

Primarily inspired by late romantic classical composers and vintage Italian film scores, Leila describes her sound as "Subtle Freak Hawaiian Prom." A syrupy vocal and hypnotic wave of guitars wash you away from wherever you’re sitting and into a velvet armchair at a sparkling B-list dinner party.

All songs, artwork, and music videos are painstakingly created by the artist herself by way of a full time career in software engineering. Her sheer determination is the driving force behind her upcoming debut album Glass Highways. Produced with Tim Carr (The Americans, Fell Runner), the ten-track release is a breakup album exploring the stages of romantic loss. Beginning with doubt and moving all the way through to reflection. Leila confides, “I tried not to be too prescriptive in my lyrics, but rather acknowledge the varied and at times dissonant emotions we face amidst heartbreak.”

Glass Highways is a vocal-heavy album, featuring bittersweet lyrics, inviting the listener to consider the dark and light of life in tandem, adding candor and humility to Leila’s story. Thematically, the album is romantic and lush, consisting of long, dramatic songs oozing with cinematic flair. The songwriter reveals, “During production of my songs, I try to feel like I’m enveloped by them. I want them to wrap me in sound and feeling, as if pulling me into a daydream, or LeilaLand, for that matter.”

Single “Missing You” describes a narrator aching with nostalgia musing over the next time she’ll encounter her lost love. She imagines running into them in various scenarios, describing how they’ll react with each other in this new and uncertain distance they’ve created. Then there is “By You Now”, a two-phase epic of wistful confession. Leila expresses, “Despite how emphatically we attempt to distract ourselves, the reality of heartbreak inevitably sets in. That’s the arc I was going for in ‘By You Now’ with a vibrant upbeat opening that ultimately leads to a somber and lonely ending”.

Upon moving to LA, Leila joined the Angel City Chorale touring England and ultimately performing with the London Philharmonic and recording at Abbey Road Studios. While singing in this choir, she began writing and producing original songs, many of which are included in Glass Highways, slated for release in fall 2020.

KAY JAM feat. NALU | Hollow (Video)

“KAY JAM with NALU in their new song Hollow, invite us into an emotional diving, deep and entrancing harmonic journey through a fathomless choreography visual. ”


« Un morceau qui parle du vide ressenti lorsque la distance s’immisce entre deux personnes. Un lien invisible difficile à délaisser ».

(Kay Jam)

En collaborant sur ce titre composé quelques mois plus tôt, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) mêle son univers habituellement plus rock à la sensibilité et à la voix réconfortante de Nalu (Noa Zalts). Cette rencontre artistique donne naissance à une ballade folk touchante, remplie de douceur et d’une tension habilement distillée. Le duo nous emmène délicatement et nous raconte une histoire. Celle d’une rupture entre deux individus qui tentent de suivre leur propre chemin en l’absence de l’autre.


« A song about the emptiness felt when two people are apart. An invisible connection remains and it makes it hard for them to move on ».

(Kay Jam)

By composing this track, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) melts his usually more rock universe with the sensitivity and the comforting voice of Nalu (Noa Zalts). This artistic collaboration gives birth to a touching folk ballad, full of softness and skilfully distilled tension. The duo delicately takes us along to tell us a story about a separation between two people who are trying to follow their own path, while missing each other.

Mathien – So (If I Can’t Have Your Love) (Spotify)

“Mathien and Sam Hudgens with their new single -So (If I Can't Have Your Love)- under WURLITZER CROWLEY imprint invite us into a lush groove of funky beats and harmonies, with vocals performance been soulful and elegant, hitting in the right places both in music layering and heart. While it gives you a laid back listening experience, not misses parts that you will feel the energy inside you to move and groove. ”

Sam had made this beat in 2017 and played it for me during a session in Evanston. He was staying with his mom for a week and didn't have anything but a guitar and his laptop when he made it, so the entire beat was dozens of layers of nylon strings over a drum machine loop. Even in its early sketches it was so good, I told him I wanted it but it seemed like he was writing to it. Fast forward to this September he stopped by my studio to record some ideas, and he ended up playing the beat for me again, it was exactly the same, "I've been stuck on this beat for years now" he said.

After he left I wrote "If I can't have your love" to it and sent him a demo of it that night, and he called me freaking out (happy). The next day he came back at 6:30 am to help finish it. we decided Sam would sing the first verse and I would do the second, but we're both on all 3 of the hooks. Then he played his Sax on it. I wrote a little instrumental bridge section to break up the loop a little, and added some additional synth and guitar/bass... I figured I'd send it over to Brooklyn so Devon Yesberger (Cory Wong, Lohaith, Caleb Hawley,Grace Kelly) could play piano on it. It came back and that piano part you hear that opens the track was actually at the end of what he sent but it was so striking I threw it on the front. Took 3 years but the track is finished.

Lainey Dionne – Skin (Spotify)

“The first impression you receive with Lainey Dionne on her new single Skin, is the quality and softness of both vocal and music/groove layering. Sensual, elegant and memorable with chorus of saying -Skin- giving you goosebumps, a song where harmonies and qualities are abundant. ”

Skin is about what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. You are depressed and hiding it, becoming numb, and then being in denial about how toxic this is and you don’t know how to get out.

Lainey Dionne is a Providence based cover artist and singer/songwriter. Her debut record, Can't Refuse - EP, was released in 2016 and is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services. She writes the "sort of music that immediately makes you forget that you left a burning oven on, or should be doing something productive. Music that will make you forget about everything else and just listen" (Verge Media). Can't Refuse- EP is an honest and vulnerable look at love and life through a twenty-something singer/songwriters eyes.

Her debut album was featured on HomeBru'd, a segment for New England's leading alternative radio station, WBRU. In 2018, Lainey was nominated for Best Solo/Acoustic Act, Best Americana Act, and Best College Act at the Worcester Music Awards, along with Best Breakthrough Act at Rhode Island's famed, Motif Music Awards. She is also a 2016 Semi Finalist for the International Songwriting Competition. Laineys songs "Can't Refuse" and "Even If" have been featured in the Berklee Singer/Songwriter Showcase '14 and an independent film from Harvard University. As a performing artist, Lainey has been invited to play at famed music venues such as The Strand, regional festivals such as The Big E, PVDFest and the Newport Film Festival, private events & benefit concerts, and over 60 venues in Rhode Island. Her band toured the East Coast in the summer of 2017 debuting new material along with her EP. Originally from Smithfield, RI, she has been studying the piano since the age of six, and along the way, has picked up several other instruments including violin, ukulele, harmonica, mandolin, dulcimer, cajon, and guitar. Lainey provides private lessons of vocals and the instruments she plays at True Music Studios.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 2015, receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Music Business with a minor in Music Production and Engineering. While attending, she had the pleasure of learning from industry professionals such as Grammy Award winning producer, Jason Stokes and Grammy-nominated hit songwriter, producer, and Warner Brothers Records executive, Kara DioGuardi. She was also accepted into Warner/Chappell Publishing Group executive, Judy Stakee's Songwriting Retreat in France and is currently working with a team in Nashville for her sophomore album. Lainey's music is inspired by the lyrics and compositions of Gabrielle Aplin, Vance Joy, and The Lumineers. From her notable education and musical inspirations, Lainey has acquired her own unique sense of artistry.

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