Onk Lou – Cranes (official video) (Video)

“Cranes, a track from the one which put you in the mood quickly with its quality, the one that attract the radars of advertising companies for commercial ad sync and Onk Lou here rumbles with a thunderous boom, palpably reveling and sing with a raucous, exuberant vocal style! ”


Onk Lou shared with us few words about this song:

My city is beautiful, crazy and colourful. In my city everybody is welcome, no matter if you’re a top manager, working on a shift or if you’re not working at all. But if apartments and houses are only built for vacancy to make the rich even richer and the only affordable options are either to leave or to take the 71 down to the central graveyard, it seems to me as if the cranes that are hanging over my city are becoming vultures lurking and waiting for you to fail.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 30, 2020