Dylan Cox – A Place to Meet (Spotify)

“A stunning composition that gradually immerses us in its story. Sounds as if the artist brings new elements in the listener's soul. -Dylan Cox- decorated his composition with a melodic mosaic, hypnotizing our minds at the same time.”

“Потрясающая композиция, которая постепенно погружает в свою историю и словно конструктор собирает в душе слушателя огромный, но такой уютный мир. -Dylan Cox- словно иллюзионист украсил свою композицию мелодичной мозаикой, гипнотизируя и поражая наши души одновременно.”



Dylan Cox, 24, is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California and who lives in Paris, France. His music blends aching lyricism and room-filling melodies into deeply personal and poetic folk-pop ballads...


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 22, 2021