Adam Cousins – Our Lives

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How often did you hear the expression - our life in our hands? And yes, it is! In this song, all images are brightly disclosed in which I put all your professionalism -Adam Cousins-. This is a living, instrumental music, a pleasant atmosphere and impressive by his charisma vocals.”

“Как часто вы слышали выражение — наша жизнь в наших же руках? И, да, так оно и есть! В этой песне ярко раскрыты все образы, в которые вложил весь свой профессионализм -Adam Cousins-. Это живая, инструментальная музыка, приятная атмосфера и впечатляющий своей харизмой вокал.”

Canadian country artist Adam Cousins is thrilled to share his new single, “Our Lives” – available today on all digital streaming platforms. It goes to Canadian country radio on March 28th. An official music video will follow on April 8th.

Written by Cousins and fellow artist, Owen Riegling, “Our Lives” was produced by CMAO-nominated producer Shawn Moore. “Our Lives” draws on a few of Cousins’ own influences like Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, and Alan Jackson, and deliberately strays away from the mainstream pop-country sound. Instead, the song is punctuated by full, raspy vocals, big guitars, and strong drums and bass, and tied together by rich country storytelling with a modern rock edge.

Cousins says, "This is the story of first love through the eyes of a young country boy who knows how to properly treat his woman, even though he isn’t even old enough to own his own vehicle. I want listeners to be able to close their eyes and feel themselves driving down a dirt road in their formative years, falling in love for the first time, and imagining the great moments that lie ahead."

As a native of small-town Brussels, Ontario, Cousins is no stranger to the setting and atmosphere at the heart of “Our Lives”. Now based in London, Ontario – where he moved to pursue his country music ambitions – Cousins has enjoyed a swift series of industry firsts, starting with his first EP (“Dirty Road”) in 2019, his first music video, and his first taste of Canadian country radio play, all the way to two 2021 singles, with the most recent (“Young Again”) becoming his first track to be picked up for regular rotation on CBC Country/Sirius XM in Canada. At the same time, Cousins has eagerly developed his live show chops around Ontario in towns like London and Kitchener and at venues like Big Texas and Oshawa Coral – opening in the past for Manny Blu, with a prime spot at the Hagersville Rocks Music Festival (top-lined by Aaron Pritchett and Dan Davidson) set this summer for July 23rd.

“Our Lives” is the first of three new singles planned for the year from the emerging artist and captures the authentic sonic brand that he’s been carefully crafting.

Cousins says, “The sound we’ve crafted for this song is a goal that I have been working towards for years. I want to combine timeless storytelling with a production quality that’s feels dynamic and original – for listeners, it’s something that feels familiar but presented in a way that’s creative. For my next two tracks, I want to maintain that fresh sensibility that we’ve brought to ‘Our Lives’, while also staying true to the sound and storytelling that I love about classic country music.”

“Our Lives” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. It will go to Canadian country radio on March 28th with an official music video arriving on April 8th.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 3, 2022