“Want to go back in time, return to the hot summer? This is what you need! Feel the salty sea, the bright glare of the sun, and the warm breeze throughout the entire song! Forget about everything and float in these secret melodic lines!”

“Хотите вернуться во времени в жаркое лето? Это то, что вам нужно! Брызги соленого моря, яркие блики солнца, и теплый ветер на протяжении всей композиции! Забудь обо всем, полетели!”

Many are looking for the secret too long lasting relationships. This slightly disappoints in stating that there is really no secret at all, it's a choice.

Born in San Fran, RAISED in Oakland, Adesha has been singing all her life. From starring in plays and musicals since the age of 4, all through high school, to majoring in theater, the stage has been Adesha's home. She's opened for Case, Jazmine Sullivan, Carl Thomas, Anthony David and sang lead female vocals on a Billboard-charted song.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 11, 2020

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