Alice DiMicele – Long Dry Winter

“It is felt like a melody of a guitar shoes in the hands of -alice dimicele-, radiating stunning beauty sounds. Deep semantic promise in the text helps to plunge into the atmosphere of the track with his head and feel all its strength. Bravo! Gorgeous work! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чувствуется, как мелодия гитары рыдает в руках -Alice DiMicele-, излучая потрясающей красоты звуки. Глубокий смысловой посыл в тексте помогает погрузиться в атмосферу трека с головой и прочувствовать на себе всю его силу. Браво! Шикарная работа!”

Alice DiMicele: “Long Dry Winter expresses some of the deep grief that I’ve experienced over the past two years including the death of many friends and family plus the loss of my dog Roxy and my cat Grace. Sometimes singing is the best way for me to process these feelings and this song is a testament to that. It also references the drought we are experiencing in my home state of Oregon and on the West Coast.” Filmed at Table Rock in southern Oregon in January 2022 in the midst of a Long Dry Winter.

Every Seed We Plant is groove folk acoustic soul songstress Alice DiMicele’s sixteenth independent album on her own Otter Music label (Release date: March 11th, 2022). After the pandemic shut down nine months worth of planned shows, DiMicele turned her practice/teaching space into a recording studio she named Tiny Wonderland Studio. She enlisted producer Bret Levick whom had mixed her 2018 release “One With the Tide” and together they produced and arranged this new album and Levick co-wrote the first track. Bret is a songwriter and producer whose tunes have been featured on TV shows such as Sons of Anarchy, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, and more.

All of Alice’s vocals and guitar tracks were recorded at Tiny Wonderland and most of the musicians recorded themselves in their home studios. The album features Jenny Conlee-Drizos (The Decemberists) drummer Terence Higgins (Ani DiFranco), Alice’s long time bassists Rob Kohler and Damian Erskine, guitarist Gene Black (Joe Cocker)), LA keyboard wizard Skip Edwards (Dwight Yoakum, Johnny Rivers), David Jacobs-Strain, Andy Thorn (Leftover Salmon), Santa Cruz Cellist Barry Phillips, and many more wonderful musicians.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 13, 2022