Alma Cook – Bobby | Official Music Video (Video)

“”Bobby” is a song full of romance and spring spirit. This is felt in every note, in its warm and slightly naive lyrics. Mix based on Neo-Soul, with reflection on the artist’s senses. Bringing love and tenderness in a way that we unwittingly want to become a part of it here and now!”

“Так и веет романтикой и весной, это чувствуется в каждой нотке, в тёплом и немного наивном тексте. Neo-Soul, который является основой трека, максимально близко отразил все чувства автора. В них вложено так много любви и нежности, что невольно самому хочется влюбиться здесь и сейчас!”

“He’s swinging for the fences; // He likes that I can sing, and I like that he’s from Texas.”

Once upon a time in the land of online dating, there was “Bobby”—the suitor who looks good on paper but isn’t quite the right fit.

This is the story of an amazing first date that helped me see what I really want in a partner: a little less suave, a little more selfless. Besides the suitor’s name, every detail is true to reality, including the plot twist at the end.

Produced by Chris Thigpen (Meghan Trainor, Isley Brothers, RZA).

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 14, 2021