Dove Nicol – Calm Down (Spotify)

“In terms of sound, we tend to listen for pleasure. This track is as simple as possible to perceive, but at the same time carries a certain promise. That's a positive energy charge! Professionally arranged sound for your ears. Also great Afro-fusion style for excellent mood!”

“В плане звучания очень лёгкая работа, слушать которую одно удовольствие. Трек максимально простой на восприятие, но в то же время несёт в себе определённый посыл, позитивный энергетический заряд! Над аранжировкой работали профессионалы и это слышно невооруженным ухом. Отличный Afro-fusion для отличного настроения!”

Dove Nicol is a west African musician whose turbulent life has been marked by the enduring of not only civil war, but a debilitating spinal injury. His story encapsulates music’s ability to act as a form of escape, and this is evident in his inaugural release, ‘Calm Down’. The track premiered on 13th September 2021, under her own imprint ‘Revolutionary Records’. It was accompanied by a music video, self-directed and produced by Dove herself.

The track introduces itself as a chilled Afrobeat stepper, imbued with soulful vibes that echo elements of Jazz and RnB. Dove Nicol dubs his style as ‘Afrofusion’, a combination of modern-day Afrobeat rhythms that places his African roots front and center. The track features production credits by Lexyz, a producer who Dove attests as one who truly understands her sound and versatility as an artist.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 14, 2021