“A glass of warm, white wine, the dim light of your home and a bright, huge ball of the moon outside your windows. A balm for the soul to everyone and everyone who will plunge with us into this wonderful composition which performed in a virtuoso style. ”

“Бокал тёплого, белого вина, приглушённый свет вашего дома и яркий, огромный шар луны за вашими окнами. Бальзам на душу всем и каждому, кто окунётся вместе с нами в эту прекрасную композицию.”

Andrei Poliakov is a professional musician, composer and producer, who received a
fundamental classical music education as a pianist and an oboist in Russia, continued
with the professional musical career performing with world-renowned orchestras, later
diversifying his musical taste and capacity into jazz, rock, and pop genres, performing
and recording with various bands and solo.
The foundation of Andrei’s works is a well-educated classical, romantic soundscape,
but as soon as the music begins, it starts looking for cross-over opportunities to
develop into an exciting house-party, jazz, pop, or electronic music, all these easily
transforming to warm classical follow-ups – hence the eclectic style which helps Andrei
tell better stories without words.

“La Promenade in Paris in the Moonlight” is a solo piano work which fuses jazz
and neoclassic depicting a nocturnal vibe of Paris:
eclectic and nostalgic yet somewhat cheeky and mischievous at the same time.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 20, 2020

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