“Stepping cinematic, introducing quickly to an abundant emotional vocal performance surrounded by angelic harmonic notes in a minimal way and hard beats, NOHA SARÉ manages to hypnotize us deeply to her impressive vocal capabilities, which could not be able to express in such a mesmerizing way without the brilliant elegant music layering. ”

Talk To Me is about different stages of healing. It’s about facing your own fears and the attempt to turn them into strengths. The eye-catching video alongside the song, is directed by the 24 year old director, performer and visual artist (& best friend) Izak Berman. Izak & Noha have known eachother for a long time and have developed a special bond over the years, both in their collaborations and personal life.

Noha Saré is a 24 year old singer who stands out for her powerful, yet sensitive voice. Drawing on various genres, her music can not be classified into one specific category; Noha’s music tends to swing like her moods. She loves to play with contradictions in her personality and likes to dive into them and explore them. Both in her music and in her photography and videography. Her promising debut single Talk To Me is a good example of this: a soulful, authentic sound lined with elements of alternative R&B and electro pop.

Born in Amsterdam and raised by parents who are both artists, Noha Saré grew up surrounded by art. From an early age, she and her brother Marius (who is a multi-instrumentalist and composer) started to perform and make music together. They collaborate on songwriting and Marius co-produces her music together with producer Tom Bachmann. Over the last years an inspiring collaboration and strong friendship has evolved between the three of them.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 20, 2020