Andreia – São Vicente

“Filled with melody, rich sound arrangement and extremely sexy vocals from "Andreia". The composition is organic, pleasant and exciting. Music that will become for you a real attraction of feelings. ”

“Наполненная мелодизмом и богатой аранжировкой и чрезвычайно сексуальным голосом -Andreia-. Композиция органичная, приятная и возбуждающая. Музыка, которая станет для вас настоящим аттракционом чувств и эмоций!”

Andreia magnifies her country with melancholy and joy at the same time. A joyful rhythm reminiscent of the carnval she evokes in the song. Andreia is supported by RFI (Radio France International).

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 11, 2022