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Stylish track with a pleasant melody, in Neo-Soul and R & B style. Entry in bright colors sets up for a certain mood, and the good work of the arranger helps instantly fall in love with the song! Strong vocals -ann Oso- creates a warm, romantic mood.”

“Стильный трек с приятной мелодией, в стиле Neo-Soul и R&B. Вступление в светлых тонах настраивает на определенное настроение, а хорошая работа аранжировщика помогает моментально влюбиться в песню! Сильный вокал -Ann Oso- создаёт тёплое, романтическое настроение.”

Ann Oso has described Loyalty as, “..essentially, an ode for the affirmation of faithfulness toward each other but also the implications of that dignity for the individual self.”

The song has an upbeat vibe with a seductive flow that feels fresh and inspired while retaining its edge for being what it is: a smooth and emotional track.

The beat was crafted by LA-based beatmaker, Chris “Big Duke” Malloy who works with such artists as Kanye West and The Game.

By popular request and local support for Ann Oso, a music video was recently produced for Loyalty.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 11, 2022