“Definitely, this composition will make a strong impression on all ELECTRO POP lovers! It is full of interesting musical solutions, traced its recognizable style and charm. Vocals and melody, as part of the arrangement, sound like one thing that indicates high professionalism -awgust-! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Однозначно, эта композиция произведёт сильное впечатление на всех любителей Electro Pop! Она полна интересных музыкальных решений, прослеживается свой узнаваемый стиль и шарм. Вокал и мелодия, как часть аранжировки, звучат как одно целое, что указывает на высокий профессионализм -Awgust-!”

Once again, the Philly-born, Texas-raised and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and entertainer shatters the boundaries of pop, spiking it with fresh energy and just the right amount of cleverness. The percussion claps as nostalgic production glistens beneath his dynamic delivery. With an animated cadence, he ponders, “Isn’t it funny when you laugh just to hide all the hurt inside? Isn’t it funny when you really wanna cry, but boys don’t cry?”

It serves as the follow-up to Awgust’s 2020 breakthrough “Never” with Sofía Reyes. It generated 1.2 million Spotify streams and earned critical acclaim. OnesToWatch proclaimed, “With expansive experience and a dedication to perfecting his craft, ‘Never’ is just a glimpse into the amazing music Awgust has to offer.”

Now, “Boys Don’t Cry” just paves the way for more music to come very soon from Awgust.

Informed by a diverse upbringing, unbelievable journey, tireless grind, and innate talent, Awgust infuses pop with an edge. Blunt and bold lyrics cruise over organic production as he integrates R&B attitude, Latin swagger, and arena-size ambition into a sizzling singular style. Born to Venezuelan parents, he spent his formative years in Texas. At 17-years-old, he left the Lone Star state to join pop phenomenon Midnight Red. Jimmy Iovine personally signed the group to Interscope as they recorded with mega-producer RedOne [Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez] and canvased the globe and toured alongside Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, and more. Upon the group’s dissolution, he became a sought-after presence as a songwriter in the studio. After crossing paths with Mith Media´s Paloma Hecht and Charlie Guerrero he began working with Sofía Reyes, co-writing the multiplatinum “R.I.P.” [feat. Anitta & Rita Ora] and “Idiota." He soon attracted the attention and support of Tommy Mottola, NEON16 Founders, Lex Borrero and Tainy (#1 Latin Producer), and Republic Records. Everything pointed towards this moment: the introduction of Awgust. Get to know him now!

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 21, 2022

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