Banditos – Here Tonight

“An incredible song that reveals his sincerity, the variety of his emotions and the brilliant talent of "Banditos". Live instrumental sound, happy and very emotional vocals and a huge bouquet of impressions. A success without a doubt!”

“Невероятная песня, которая дарит свою искренность, разнообразие чувств и глубину таланта группы -Banditos-. Живая, инструментальная музыка, жизнерадостный и очень эмоциональный вокал и огромный букет впечатлений. Хит? Без сомнений!”

We’re entering a room full of tropes & that’s why we land on one for the refrain. A callused woman scorned snaps contempt. A morose picture of a man left alone after his family has been estranged. What’s the commonality? A familiar lyric grounding them to some sort of hope, and, for a moment, they see it in each other. The smallest glint of happiness has the possibility to move you however far you want to take it. It’s one about allowing ourselves to be moved.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 18, 2022