Blaiz Fayah – 10/10 (Video)

“Stunning rhythmic vibrations in a track that instantly captivates the listener with its memorable melody and lyrics. Sold your pulse? Yes! Raise the mood and forget about all the problems? Yes! And these are only a few of the advantages that “10/10” possesses. It’s like a hot mug of invigorating coffee!”

“Сногсшибательные ритмические рисунки, трек берёт слушателя в плен своими эмоциями, текстом и запоминающейся мелодией. Раскачать ваш пульс? Да! Поднять настроение и позабыть о всех проблемах? Да! И это лишь малая доля из всех достоинств, которыми обладает этот трек. Словно горячая кружка бодрящего кофе!”

Blaiz Fayah, the most exciting artist of the moment and author of the international hit “Bad” returns with a new song between dancehall and kompa that will turn in clubs and in all playlists.

The English-speaking artist is now a must in the Afro dancehall scene, each of his tracks leading to an incredible virality with several hundred thousand covers on Tiktok and millions of views for his festive and original videos.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 5, 2021