“Warm, soothing music of Blue Canopy. The composition combines tube synthesizers, sampling and competent job with the vocals. Clearly a favorite from the lastest Chillwave releases.”

“Тёплая, умиротворяющая музыка Blue Canopy. Композиция Banji сочетает в себе ламповые синтезаторы, грамотное семплирование и работу с вокалом. Чистый и такой любимый нами Chillwave.”

Second single from forthcoming Blue Canopy EP 'Sleep While You Can' (out March 5) -- featuring Patrick from A Beacon School on guitar.

Blue Canopy's 'Sleep While You Can' is the newest entry from Portland-based multi-instrumentalist, Alex Schiff. Exploring the often unspoken anxiety related to having a child and what that means for losing the past version of one's self, the EP is beautifully introspective at a time where self-reflection is incredibly crucial.

Formerly the keyboardist and co-writer for indie band, Modern Rivals, the EP is a follow up to his 2020 debut, Mild Anxiety, which was produced alongside Patrick J Smith (A Beacon School), a frequent collaborator.


Quote from artist: "I'm really intrigued by the relationship developing between our dog Banjo and our first born, Graham. When my wife was pregnant with Graham, I had a funny thought, "what life advice would Banjo give Graham when he meets him?"

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 23, 2021

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