“Very sturdy material and monolithic design. From its quality sound it's proved that this single is very professional and comes from the heart. Despite the simplicity of the lyrics, the artist can easily produce some strings, which is a huge plus.”

“Весьма крепкий материал и монолитное исполнение. По качественному звуку сразу слышно, что этот совместный сингл сработал от души и крайне профессионально. При кажущейся простоте текста можно с лёгкостью некоторые строки домыслить самому, что является огромным плюсом. ”

A combination of pulsating sounds that bed down layered textures of electronic bass and percussive beats. Boo Seeka’s smooth synths and rolling beats keep the energy sizzling like a neon sign on the Miami strip.

Golding’s meticulously composed sound and intoxicating melodies truly secures the duo as one to watch, with plans for an EP release late 2021, the future holds bright things for this perfect pairing.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 4, 2021

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