BPMoore – Galvanised

BPMoore – Galvanised (Spotify)

BPMoore’s Galvanised is an ambient/electronic instrumental piece that unfolds from a suspenseful drone and pulsing synths into sparkling piano lines, lively drums, and melodic string parts. Soft felted piano riffs shimmer a stirring and hopeful introduction, before a spirited drum groove creates an energetic foundation for the subsequent evolving layers of string and synth parts. The piece is extremely compelling both melodically and texturally, and is quite unlike much of the popular ambient music today that focuses solely on subtle shifts. While the music retains a similar sense of nuance and ebb-and- flow, the composition itself is quite intricate, somehow achieving the perfect balance of ambient and interest.
Galvanised is the “part two” to London-based Ben Moore’s most recent single, From All Who Came Before, the title track on his upcoming album Komorebi. The two have been mixed so that there is no discernible break from one song to the next, and Galvanised brings a sense of completion to the delicate and expectant atmosphere set by the first. In Ben’s own words,
“Galvanised is feeling that moment of anticipation and the release that (finally) everything has just locked into place for the positive.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 1, 2020

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