“Each time, when the last days of spring are forgiven for the numbers of the calendar, summer is already looking out from around the corner. And in these streams of sunlight there are such musical hits as the new track in the Indie Pop genre from -Bradyy Denniston and David Nolf-, which decorate our everyday life in all colors of the rainbow!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Каждый раз, когда на числах календаря с нами прощаются последние дни весны, лето уже выглядывает из-за угла. И в этих потоках солнечных лучей появляются такие музыкальные хиты, как новый трек в жанре indie pop от -Bradley Denniston и David Nolf-, которые разукрашивают наши будни во все цвета радуги!”

Platinum Selling Producer Bradley Denniston Teams Up With Singer-Songwriter, David Nolf For A Fun And Infectious Pop Anthem; “Feels Like Summer”

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 17, 2022) - LA artist’s Bradley Denniston and David Nolf release a new summer anthem with the new, (very appropriately titled) single “Feels Like Summer,” on June 17.

The release comes highly-anticipated as Denniston has already made quite the name for himself in the industry as a platinum selling music producer, singer, engineer, composer, and label head, working on blockbuster movies, Netflix originals, major commercial campaigns, and with multi-platinum artists. David Nolf, having previously played live shows with 3 Doors Down and selling out iconic venues like, Hotel Café in Hollywood, California, looks forward to this second release under the Radium Records label and with Bradley in his production corner.

“Feels Like Summer” is inspired by the nostalgia of those summers when you truly had no worries, life was simple and just being around friends was everything you needed - “It’s that feeling of forgetting about all the work and “real life” stuff you have to do, you can just have fun with your friends and people you care about,” says Nolf.

“Feels Like Summer” is an upbeat, playful showcase of a true collaboration between Denniston and Nolf, with commercial appeal that is sure to make that proverbial “splash” in the pop music scene this summer.

With Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy nominated work already under his belt, Denniston makes sure to put that experience into bringing Feels Like Summer to life with a throwback production aesthetic combined with commercial sonics that the Radium Records team is known for.

Bradley Denniston and David Nolf are joined by some incredible session musicians on the track including Marco Flores on guitars and Eduardo De Oliveira Lima on bass.

“David and I went back and forth with ideas over phone calls and text messages after finishing David’s first single, Heartless with Radium Records… I kept feeling like we needed a song that was fast, fun, and didn’t take itself too seriously… Then David sent me a voice memo with that infectious chorus melody and some scratch lyrics…. I was instantly inspired and had him send me a Logic Pro session right away! It was just pure fun and I couldn’t wait to dive in!” Says Denniston.

The song was Produced, co-written, mixed, and mastered by Denniston and the Radium Records team in Hollywood, California. the single is a testament to a harmonious collaboration, and lots of future earworms to come from these two. Fans can stream “Feels Like Summer” on all major platforms.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 26, 2022

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