Brimbore – MoonMot (Video)

Brimbore – MoonMot

Brimbore is a quiet mood with a strong melody. First a calm double bass solo introduces the song, then the trombone plays a melody over nice Fender Rhodes Harmony. Later alto saxophone and baritone saxophone and drums are added for a strong buildup that makes a intense peak.
Brimbore is the second single release from our upcoming album Goint Down the Well.
Going Down The Well is the debut album from UK/Swiss collaborative sextet MoonMot, a project bringing together Swiss musicians Simon Petermann (trombone/electronics) and Oli Kuster (Fender Rhodes/electronics) with the UK’s Dee Byrne (alto saxophone/electronics), Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone), Johnny Hunter (drums) and Seth Bennett (double bass). The album was recorded at BeJazz, Bern in March 2019 and is released by Swiss label Unit Records in February 2020

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 21, 2020