“Our lives may not actually be as we wish, but from time to time good oportunities appear. Do we recognize the good things or let them pass away? Listen to this cheerful song from Bukola and find out what we mean.”

Vancouver musician Bukola has been dreaming of releasing her own music since she was 9 years old and now her dreams are coming true with the launch of her debut single and video ‘A Good Thing’.

The first single from her debut EP The Chronicles of A Teenage Mind which is set for release this summer, ‘A Good Thing’ is all about knowing your own worth and not settling for anything less.

“‘A Good Thing’ was originally written as a way of me poking fun at the ‘player’ mentality that quite a bit of people my age adopt,” says Bukola. “So when you listen to the song, you’ll notice a bunch of witty lines and references to them needing to grow up and to ultimately recognize ‘A Good Thing’ when they see it. However, as I’ve gotten to live with the song, it’s also taken on an anthemic role as it serves to remind myself and hopefully others that we are all deserving of someone who will treat us right.The song reminds us we are good things, and if someone can’t see that – it’s on them.”

Recently hailed by the CBC as one of the Top 10 Soulful Female Artists in the 2020 CBC Searchlight competition, Bukola blends the sounds of contemporary R&B and Jazz music to create her own soulful sound. She’s deeply influenced by artists such as India.Arie, Daniel Caesar and H.E.R., and worked with Grammy Award-winning producer, Chin Injeti, and Juno Award-winning producer Ben Kaplan on her soon to be released debut EP The Chronicles of A Teenage Mind.

Bukola’s new single ‘A Good Thing’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more info, please visit

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 7, 2021

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