Chiel Nugter – Watertoren

“Discover a Neoclassic flower which slowly blooms, revealing its vivid colours of absolute artistry. "Watertoren" is the result of vibrating violin and piano chords, tied together in a very integral way.”

Chiel Nugter is a Dutch composer who is master of both Spanish and classical guitar. His genre can be described as dreamy and melancholic music where you can be thrown back in time as a way of 100% years. In addition to the music he releases under his own name, he also makes electronic music under the name Sabora. Here he cuts the more dark side of his soul and the more dark side of how he can see society. In 2016 Chiel also wrote a piece for sypmhonieorkest Tourrmalijn in honor of the Commemoration of jews in camp Vught. In 2020, Chiel created works inspired by cultural-historical events and buildings related to the city for the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. His latest work is a neo-classical album, with only the main instruments classical guitar and violin.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 13, 2022