Nicholas Dean – The Way You Look Tonight & Fly Me To The Moon

“A multi-layered work, in which the vocals of Nicholas Dean are revealed in all their glory, revealing his professionalism and talent. An excellent example of a classical approach where Jazz communicates with us in its own language, accessible to every listener. ”

“Весьма многослойное произведение, в котором вокал -Nicholas Dean- раскрылся во всей своей красе, излучая профессионализм и многогранность своего творчества. Прекрасный пример классического подхода, в котором джаз общается с нами на своём доступном для каждого слушателя языке.”

Artist said about this song:

"As I recorded my classical album Perfect Symphony, my grampa, who's an executive producer on this project, urged me to include some of his all-time favorite standards (in addition to Amapola and Besame now streamable as well). Now these are among my favorites and among the top the wishlist I receive when I perform at venues with this type of ambience."

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 13, 2022